Why the Challenge?!

Last Update: September 17, 2015

Have you ever wondered why it has to be so challenging to accomplish your goals?

Have you ever wished it was easier?

Have you felt like you were making progress only to face a sudden setback?

Do the challenges you face sometimes limit your motivation or make you feel doubtful?

Something I have come to realize is that the more I push myself to make and and push myself toward worth goals the more I am confronted by challenge.

Challenge serves as one of our greatest teachers. It almost always shows up when we feel we are so close to the finish line, and it always demands more effort than we had anticipated, or feel prepared for.

Over time I am coming to respect and accept the reality and significance of the challenges that stand between me and success. I have come to realize that we face challenges because with out them we would never have to change and refine ourselves in order to reach our goals. Our accomplishments would mean less to us with out the need for self sacrifice. Our destiny is essentially shaped and determined by how we respond to the various challenges we face.

Know that when you face a challenge as you work toward achieving your goals that you are well on your way. See that becoming is part of achieving. Realize that your goals require you to be more than you are, and remain determined to pursue your goals and enjoy who you become through the quest of achievement.

How do you feel about challenges?

Have you seen there potential to benefit you?

What do you say to yourself when faced with challenges?

Thank for taking the time to read this quick blog.
I look forward to hearing your most welcome feedback and comments.
We are all in this together.


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Chessie Premium
Hi Evan and thanks for writing a great blog. As far as your three questions are concerned, I can see easily what hampered me with a new challenge. I would answer the first with - "It's good to have a challenge" My answer to the second question would be - "definately" and then the doubts came flooding in and question three's answer would inevitably be - "I can't do it, I'm just past doing all this stuff" (making excuses). I've come to the conclusion that I blame my age for not taking up a challenge, but not anymore!! Ches
TheGrizzly Premium
Way to be. Being self aware is so important. If we don't know where we are at, we can't take the steps to improve.
johandpl Premium
Hi Griz, I enjoyed this post thank you very much for sharing...have a blessed weekend....bye....
TheGrizzly Premium
Thanks, same to you!
RonAlderman Premium
Thanks Evan, nice blog. I am personally still working on my abilities to handle challenges. I see the benefit when I overcome one as a learning experience that I can put into place for use in other parts of my life. What I say to myself is still unclear.
TheGrizzly Premium
Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post. I especially appreciate your honesty in where you feel you are at in dealing with challenges. The first step to improvement and progression starts with honesty. I'm here to bounce ideas if you like. All the best to you my friend.
SuzQ Premium
Hmm ... What do I say to myself when faced with challenges? "Oh man, here we go again!" For some of us speaking a coherent three word sentence in the morning is a challenge. lol!

In all seriousness, life wouldn't be life without challenges. If we aren't pursuing a goal, then we'd be living a very discontented (and should I say mundane) 'go with the flow' kind of life.

I agree challenges build character. They make you or break you. When we succeed through them, we experience gratification and confidence. When we don't, then it's time to make our weaknesses our strengths.Their potential is like a life force.

Interestingly, I'm been working on a seven part blog series on my website on goals, with challenges playing their part. Thanks Evan, The Grizzly, always love the inspiration you bring out in your blog!
TheGrizzly Premium
Thank you for your delightful comment. Glad you hear you enjoyed the post. All the best to you.
krazykat Premium
Yes, we are all in this together :-) Thank you. Great blog.