The Mental Battle

Last Update: October 26, 2015

It is easy you for you and me to want success nearly as fast as it takes to order and receive online retail items. I'll be the first to admit I struggle when it comes to being patient. I feel that because I have worked toward various goals for a certain length of time that I should be seeing some benefits.

It's only natural for us to want to see the benefits of our efforts. Yet we must remind ourselves that in an effort to build our own successful online business we must be have patience.

My Grizzly mentor has taught me that I can't have a successful hunt when I'm hungry.

If all we can think about is the final victory and the monetary payoff that comes with it we will lack the discipline and vision we need to develop the business that we can truly be proud of.

We must remember that in our efforts to build our businesses that things will never go just as we would expect, like, or otherwise anticipate. Rather we will ever be faced with new challenges, road blocks, and resistance. Only after maintaining a relentless effort to push past all that stands against us will we see the rewards of our work. We may not be able to put a time table on our success, but that doesn't mean it isn't on its way.

In many ways Monday can be a hard day, as we begin a new week, and realize that we must confront doubts, and resistance at every level before we can make true progress.

We must always remind ourselves that even though we are not always exactly where we would like to be, it doesn't mean we are not making progress.

If you feel overwhelmed, have doubts, and feel as though you are not making progress fast enough. Simply remember to take things one paw at a time. Do what you can. Remain as consistent as you can, and never give up. It will be hard, it will take time, but in the end you will be better for it.

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mijareze Premium
Very nice blog, indeed!
RoopeshG Premium
Fantastic words of hope , motivation and inspiration.Loved it.Thanks
krazykat Premium
Thanks Evan. I read so many posts from impatient people who haven't made money in the first month :)
One paw at a time is great advice.
shermand2268 Premium
Thanks for the encouragement. I hope you're right. I launched my website the third week in August, have been doing posts 5 days per week, and haven't made a sale yet. I'm feeling discouraged, but determined to keep going. I'm assuming it's too early to throw in the towel.
TheGrizzly Premium
There is a lot that goes into building a successful business online, and we can't possible expect the explosive results that fill our dreams to come in a few weeks after we begin. Don't give up! Keep pushing...and especially keep learning....