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August 21, 2015
I know I promised that my next post would follow my last post. I was working on it at the office, and unfortunately lost internet. I don't believe that promises or declarations of action should be followed by excuses, and so I apologize for the delay.In my next post I will be discussing one of the fundamentals of successful online business that My Grizzly Mentor taught me. It's simpler than you might think, and the affects of applying this principle ensure personal satisfaction and business lon
How would you ever mark your territory online?!Claiming territory is key to the bear’s survival. Bears are smart. They know that they can’t dominate the whole world, and they don’t waste time and energy trying to dominate the entire forest. They are not egotistical or dangerously greedy. They defend what they claim, but they also know their place.A bear lives within his territory, he has no need to leave. He doesn’t need to venture out of his territory to go fishing, or hunting, maybe fo
August 13, 2015
Have you considered the importance of the colour of your website, and the various elements of your site? Have you ever noticed the powerful affect colours have on the emotions of yourself and others?Colour shapes the way we see the world. Would you like to have the power of colours work for you?Colour directly affects your visitors, and there willingness to view, and interact with the content on your website. Using the right colours can help you sell more, and connect with your visitors. In my r
Let's be real we all want to make money from our websites. We are all creating businesses to create income. As much as we might enjoy the adventure we have as we wander through the forest of internet marketing, when it comes down to it every bear has to eat. Every bear needs to choose a niche. The bear in the picture above has chosen his. lol! We can't exactly follow in his paw steps, cause we ain't people creeping, killing, or freaking! WE DON'T WANT TO TERRORIZE PEOPLE!Here are some Niche disc
July 24, 2015
As I work on forging my way through the forest of internet marketing I often struggle to maintain the right mindset. At times when should be trudging allow the path provided by my Grizzly Mentor, I find myself distracted and preoccupied with the various berry bushes allow the path. I ultimately want the online income that everyone dreams of, and I am willing to work toward that goal. That being said, I struggle to maintain the discipline I need to progress quickly. Then I find myself overwhelmed
June 04, 2015
One Paw at a timeWhen working on our online businesses we must always remember to take things one step at a time. I personally like to take time to see the whole picture, where I'm aiming, and where I want to take my business. This can be overwhelming though, as my ideal online business demands a lot of changes to my current standing. This is why I strive to always take things just a step at a time, I focus on just putting one paw in front of the other and keep moving forward. Once you know wher
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May 19, 2015
The logo you use on your site is important. It is the fastest way for your visitors to identify you. When beginning your site your logo and slogan are the first steps toward establishing a brand and marketing to your audience effectively. I had quite the adventure getting my logo for my site. My first mistake was trusting Fiverr to make me the logo of my dreams. Part of the problem might have been that I am a perfectionist, and am very picky as what I allow to reflect upon myself and my website.