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October 26, 2015
It is easy you for you and me to want success nearly as fast as it takes to order and receive online retail items. I'll be the first to admit I struggle when it comes to being patient. I feel that because I have worked toward various goals for a certain length of time that I should be seeing some benefits. It's only natural for us to want to see the benefits of our efforts. Yet we must remind ourselves that in an effort to build our own successful online business we must be have patience. My Gr
Amazon Sues 1000s over fake reviews!Although fake and dishonest reviews may seem enticing, there will always be consequences for such short cuts. Amazon is a billion-dollar company currently sitting in 29th in the fortune 500 list, it's a large and vibrant company. Amazon prides it's self on being the worlds most popular online retailer. With its dedication to growth, development and a continuation of its brand power Amazon actively seeks to improve the experience of its users.Amazon wants noth
October 13, 2015
Have you ever felt like this was your day, week, month, or maybe even your year?We all have so much to do...We have big goals that move us and motivate us. We have develop plans that we need to follow to reach for and accomplish our goals. We are easily excited by all that could be, but when it comes down to it what are we doing in the moment to make the most of our time?Although it is hard, we must always remember that the goals we are working towards require simple, daily, consistent effort.
October 06, 2015
With the help of My Grizzly Mentor, I have recently come to realize that I am making more progress than I think. I often find myself feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do. With multiple projects on the go, and the constant need to learn what I'm doing as I do it. Admittedly I also struggle with the a relentless desire to understand everything, and perfect everything all while still learning my way through the forest.I now see that I'm on the right path, and that consistency is far more im
September 22, 2015
Are you prepared to do what it takes to accomplish your mission?We are all working toward making and continuing a healthy online income, but are we remembering to develop both the discipline and confidence we need?This week I have decided to try my paw at binary trading again. I trade the EUR/USD. My Grizzly Mentor is the one who got me into it. There are plenty of rules involved in trading if you want to make money rather than gamble it away. My efforts to learn how to trade currencies has tau
September 17, 2015
Have you ever wondered why it has to be so challenging to accomplish your goals?Have you ever wished it was easier?Have you felt like you were making progress only to face a sudden setback?Do the challenges you face sometimes limit your motivation or make you feel doubtful?Something I have come to realize is that the more I push myself to make and and push myself toward worth goals the more I am confronted by challenge. Challenge serves as one of our greatest teachers. It almost always shows up
Have you ever been pushed by momentum?Have you run down a hill? Was it hard to stop?Have you ever been working on a task and made so much progress that you didn't want to stop?Momentum is powerful, and affects every aspect of our lives. Momentum is gained through physical and mental movement. Mental change when physically acted upon leads to the development of momentum.Overall there are 4 simple elements of developing and maintaining ones momentum:1. Have faith 2. Take action3. Form habits4. Re
September 02, 2015
Grizzly habits lead to a grizzly life. One habit of a true grizzly is going to bed and waking up early. An important Grizzly Habit is; going to bed early, and getting up early.My Grizzly Mentor has taught me the importance of being an early riser. Have you ever gotten up early and enjoyed it?Do you enjoy peace and quiet?Is having time to think important to you?Do you find it challenging to get everything done in a day?Do you struggle with self-worth or depression?If you don't already I invite y
August 28, 2015
The success rate of most online memberships that provide training is greatly limited due to the strategies and processes that are not put into place and practiced.People learn things in two ways; they DO things, and learn from experience, and they teach things and learn from simplified sharing. This process when put into practice makes grizzlies out of cubs. Sadly I have never found a online membership that truly gives one amble opportunities to DO and learn from application and action.The succ
Does it ever feel like it's taking forever?!Wish there was a better way?The thing with short cuts is they cut short the efforts made to reach a task. In business the last thing you want to do is cut short your efforts to produce value for your clients.When you take short cuts you essentially cut yourself short, and limit your potential and the potential for the success of your business. You wouldn't want the contractor who built your house, or the factory that built your car to take short cuts