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December 01, 2015
Our life is based upon the choices we make. We make choices for two reasons, either faith or fear. Many people make choices our of fear and doubt, and many make do so without realizing. I've heard that it takes as much energy and effort to be positive as it does to be negative. In some ways I can agree, but when it comes down to it being positive requires us to act in faith. If you are used to acting out of fear and doubt as most of us are, then it can be challenging for you to make a change. A
November 26, 2015
What do you think?-Evan
November 25, 2015
You and I naturally have the desire to be great at our craft. To be productive, to add value, and to do what we do correctly or the best way possible. Although perfectionism is not commonly talked about as a struggle that everyone is faced with, I believe that to some degree we will all encounter it. The desire to improve and do well is never dangerous, but sometimes the way we think about it, and what we choose to do about it can be.The other morning I had a rather simple experience that helpe
November 24, 2015
Have you ever found an amazing restaurant that changed your feelings toward lunch?Have you ever met a restaurant owner with a passion for his craft?For months I have been a loyal patron of a local pita place that has won my heart. To show my appreciation for this great restaurant I willingly wrote facebook reviews and posts for them. I did this for free...My Grizzly Mentor had encouraged me to reach out and build a relationship with them, as this company is steadily growing, and could be great
November 23, 2015
Have you ever been pushing yourself to achieve something, only to hit an invisible brick wall?Do you find that the more you have to do, the more interference and distraction seem to come your way?I know I do. Today when I got to my office I was surprised to discover that my office space was in the process of being renovated. I had been set on having a super productive morning only to be kicked out of my office. Ya I was frustrated, as we all would be. That being said I realized that because I w
Have you ever had someone ask you what you are up to, or what you do for a living?Have you ever struggled to simply explain your virtual business efforts in a way that your 9-5 minded friends can understand?Lets be real an entrepreneur can at times struggle to explain themselves. After all there is a lot that goes into developing and running your own business. Have you ever won yourself some persecution for your goals, and your desired career path,...simply because whomever you were talking to
November 02, 2015
My Grizzly Mentor has taught me that to be truly successful I have to enjoy helping others, and learning, more than any other aspect of doing business. Sure you can have a passion, but if your passion involves making life miserable for others it can never bring true satisfaction. You and I need a motive to lead us to action. Nothing is ever truly done just because. My Grizzly Mentor has taught me that there are 3 kinds of bears. Bears that take, Bears that make, and bears that share. Now there
October 29, 2015
In life and in business we tend to worry about how best to appeal to the masses before we worry about our legacy. You and I want to earn a substantial living while roaming through the forest of internet marketing, but we need to remember that we don't need to dominate the whole forest to realize our dreams. We simply need a flourishing territory. You need to both realize, and accept that not everyone will value you, or your business and all that you offer. This in no way discounts you potential
October 28, 2015
This morning I went to a chiropractor in regards to sharp lower back pain. This pain could be yours if you are not careful. You were on my mind as the chiropractor carefully explained why I was experiencing this pain. Essentially I hadn't been moving around enough, and the muscles in the inflamed area grew tense leading to pain and discomfort.You and I need to remember to take time to move. When we move we give our bodies the exercise our muscles and joints need in order to stay in peek operati
October 27, 2015
This morning as I prepared my smoothie my banana made me think. I over a year ago someone taught me how to peel a banana. Don't get me wrong I've been peeling bananas since I was just a little kid, but only in the last few years have I finally mastered the peel. As I thought about this this morning I realized that many of us feel we already know how to do certain things, and as result we can become close minded. I had always peeled my bananas from the steam. The thing is, it was always pretty t