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(The dude above is not me, my name is Evan too though...kinda cool.)You and I have dreams and goals that move us, but sometimes our thoughts overwhelm us. We have so much on our minds. We loose track on how far we have come, and feel frustrated with how far left we have to go.At times we may struggle to clearly identity our vision, know what our next steps should be, or feel lack the energy be it mental or physical to move forward (if only for the moment).Have you ever had a day where you feel
January 21, 2016
This is a question to generate a conversation and gain insight and prospective as to what you say to who about what you plan to do....I have heard various opinions about whether or not one should truly reveal the full degree of their goals and dreams to the world. What do you think, should we share our big dreams and goals with others, or should we keep them to ourselves?Thanks in advance for joining the conversation!-Evan
January 21, 2016
Have you ever heard a story that moved you?Have you heard a story that made you stop dead in your tracks, and just think?Have you heard a story that made you cry? Smile? Laugh?Did you enjoy stories as a kid, but as you grew older their relevance began to dissipate as your mind become taxed with the complexities of life?You and I are moved by the stories that grasp our emotions and inspire us to think.Stories have been apart of the human experience since its conception.Stories are central to soc
Fun get to know you post:We all have different wallpapers, and we have our own reasoning behind them.What's yours?My desktop wall paper is the following image;Porsche is my favorite car company, and I look this particular model. The 911 GTS 4. I believe it's important to remember your dreams, especially if you ever plan on reaching them. So to remember my dream of owning a Porsche I always have an image of a Porsche on my deskstop's wallpaper. I also kinda look like the guy in the car, which on
January 20, 2016
Passion is often a word we hear when we talk about the essentials needed to set goals, and push ourselves to excel.I’m totally willing to admit that I have often struggled to totally grasp the necessity of passion when it comes to starting a business, or living the life you love.Obviously one wants to feel that their life is fulfilling, but how important is passion really?I was listening to an interview with; Millionaire Dan Miller. You watch the interview at;
January 19, 2016
We live in a world where change is often so uncomfortable that we have an easier time coming up with excuses then shifting our prospective and our focus.Many people naturally insist that their problems are out of there control.They blame this that and the other thing, all in an effort to subconsciously justify their actions.When truth be told they have had the power all along to change their undesirable circumstances, yet have chosen not to take action.I recently watched an interview with;Milli
You and I spend a good deal of time online...We are working away as we build our online businesses, and seek to learn all we can along the way. I often find myself listening to youtube videos on a variety of subjects, and I can't help but wonder if anyone else does this?I also have been working to try and figure out what music is best for me?I have discovered that classical music, or quiet instrumental music can help me focus and stay on task, but sometimes it is too dull for me. Do you listen
January 18, 2016
Live like the Grizzly you want to be, rather than simply being the bear that you are.It is easy to think of all you want in life, and feel that things will be better once you have what you are set out to accomplish.Truth be told it’s not actually accomplishment that makes us happy, its who we become and how we live our lives. Our accomplishments bring satisfaction that is short lived.We have to think about who we would be, and how we would live if we had accomplished our goals, and had be
January 15, 2016
You and I know that thoughts are things.We have determined that what we think and why we think the way we do matters.Yet when we have goals, dreams, and aspirations it is easy to feel we don’t have enough.This is because we haven’t reached where we feel we are going or would like to be.Despite the fact we feel we have a lot left to achieve we also need to realize and enjoy the life we are already living.We need to feel confident with where we are.We need to have a mindset of abundan
January 14, 2016
Do we focus on improvement or do we focus on attainment?Although these things can come hand in hand, one always comes before the other.Improvement comes before attainment.This is because in order to attain a certain outcome we need to make improvements that help us to reach toward attainment through becoming more than we are.It is natural to focus on attainment or accomplishment without seeing the significance of improvement and progression.If we have a goal it is easy to become caught up in al