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February 09, 2016
You're probably doing better thank you think. Even if it doesn't look like what you think it should, or as others tell you it should. Finding success and achievement is both a journey and an adventure. -Evan
February 08, 2016
It can be easy for you and me to dream about creating a super successful business, that yields us millions of dollars in revenue.What we need to realize though is that a desire to make money will not give us the energy we need to get that money.You and I need to have a vision.We have to find a purpose, a cause, and a conviction. We need a passion. Sometimes it takes time to discover and realize what our passion is, or how we might turn it into a successful business, but we need to stick with th
February 05, 2016
Life, all about relationships.It's not about what you can do for yourself, it's what you can do for others that truly matters. Everything hinges on relationships. Some of us are better at it than others.What we always have to remember in business and in life is that the people mean more than the product, service, solution, idea, opportunity, choice etc.There are those that don't value, or don't work to value relationships as they should. These people are easily recognizable. They do everyt
February 04, 2016
You are your own worst critic.Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and frustrated because we are heavily evaluating everything we do. I know I am guilty of struggling with this. You are working on something, and although you've had some progress, it just doesn't seem like it's enough. Yesterday I started working on another book. I love writing, and although it can definitely be challenging, I find the journey that is writing enjoyable. What I found myself struggling with yesterday was my personal expe
February 02, 2016
When it comes down to it everything we do in life is all about relationships.sometimes relationships with ourselves cloud our ability to build relationships with others. For instance if we are doing things solely for our own personal fulfillment then we are limiting our ability to connect with others.What we have to do to truly find success is forget about ourselves.Now being selfless is easier said then done. We have to take care of ourselves, and the world has taught us that if we don’t
February 01, 2016
You and I have a plethora of ideas, goals, dreams, plans, concerns, obligations...the list goes on. What we often have trouble with is facing, them in a way that is truly constructive and progressive. When you feel overwhelmed it's time to do some brainstorming.When you take some time to think things out, and write them out, you will better be able to manage and organize your thoughts. This is especially important when develop business plans, planning a book, planning a video etc. When you need
January 26, 2016
You and I can easily feel stagnate if aren’t careful.To combat this, be sure to do things that help you look for ways to break the mold, and defeat the average within your life.Keep looking for ways to refine your life, keep learning, and keep looking.You have to be willing to learn, now, and forever if you are ever going to be able overcome the hardest moments yet before you.Always look for new opportunities.Not because you don’t feel confident with where you are, but because you w
Sick day?Yesterday afternoon I began to feel as though I was developing a sore throat. I was instantly worried because I know it's not instant fix situation. One can only pray and hope that the viral infection will leave before you lose most of your sanity.The frustration continued when I awoke this morning. My throat felt worse and now my joints were feeling achy, and I now had a mild headache. When you are Bearly Feeling up to it, or are feeling sick what do you do?Do you ignore the fact that
January 25, 2016
There is always more than one way to look at things. Monday can be frustrating, and sometimes it looks and feels like this;To anyone struggling with Monday, remember to breath, drink water, stretch, and have faith, cause Tuesday is only hours away.Now really what we need to realize is that Monday is important, but we can't let it stress us out. We have to be determined to be optimistic on our Mondays, not perfect.I wish everyone a Happy Monday.-EvanWhat are your thoughts on Monday? please feel
January 25, 2016
BE WEIRD, BE DIFFERENT, AND BE PROUD TO BE YOURSELF. You and I want to be a success on and offline in both our personal and professional lives.One of our greatest challenges is to be ourselves.We need to have the confidence to be who we are, rather than put on a show and be someone we are not.In the eye of others, and the eye of the public we can struggle with the significance of the impressions we leave.Sometimes we can fear that people won’t react well to who we really are, so we be som