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March 17, 2016
Never under estimate the power of sunlight. It matters. You need it. Right now I'm in an office with no window, and I hate it. It makes you feel trapped, withdrawn from the outside world.We all need sunlight. Haven't you noticed how the amount of light you see affects how you feel? If it's stormy and cloudy and dark is it easier to feel frustrated, stressed and sad? What about if it's sunny and warm is it easier to feel optimistic, happy, hopeful etc. ?We can't always decide where we are. somet
March 14, 2016
Who we are is so important. It is special. It is unique. It is powerful. It's impactful, and it matters.We must always be sure to share who we are in what we do, and how we live. We have to be ourselves, we can't pretend to be someone we are not. Sure this can be hard sometimes, with plenty of things to height us down. Our minds are constantly bombarded with worry and contemplation. There things that are expected of us. We had to just work at it. We have to remember to be us. to think for ourse
March 11, 2016
One reason many people give up in life is because the are not prepare to do what it takes. They are only willing to do so much. Of course we all have our limits, but what if we allowed ourselves to push the norm, and stand out rather than conform. What if we stopped worrying about the struggle, the time, the energy, and the sacrifice? What would happen? Would we be the same person? Or would we get more done, and experience greater success in our lives?Truth be told many of us are setting oursel
March 11, 2016
My Grizzly Mentor had me join WA. I didn't do it because I wanted to. It wasn't my idea. I figured I had better things to do. Boy was I wrong. WA has meant so much to me. It has helped me in so many ways.I've learned that I could connect with people from all over the world, and actually help them. Where before I was pretty sure I had to be siting across a table from them in order to make an impact.I was able to gradually improve my writing, and an still able to hone so it can become a finished
March 09, 2016
In business and in life, the danger zone is our comfort zone. This is because within it nothing changes. Constants are cherished, protected, and defended. The comfort zone traps and defeats the masses day in and day out.It's all about average. The hardest people to deal with are always those who are married to average, who love to be comfortable, and despise change. Sometimes these people are the people we work for and work with. Sometimes they're our friends and family, and's us
When you work on a project, break it into bite sized pieces. This makes it so much easier to face and work on day to day. There's those sayings. "Roman wasn't built in a day," and "You eat an elephant one bite at a time." And these sayings have point. When you have a big exciting vision sometimes it's hard to break things down, and see what you can do day to day to work toward progress and achievement.I personally have to see the big picture to find relevance in immediate projects, but I don't
March 07, 2016
Do you have ships to burn?In Ancient times the leaders of armies would burn the boats, or the ships that brought their armies across the sea to the the land they came to conquer. This way their armies would see that either they conquer or they die, there is no retreating. In our lives we might have ships that we need to burn. If we have a mental retreat plan then we are not seriously committed. We need to measure our commitment, and determined whether or not our commitments will help us find a
Confession - I need to learn how to become better at communicatingI'm gonna be totally honest with you. It's not easy for me to connect with people, unless of course I can find comfort in commonality. If I find things I have in common with people, and don't have to leave my comfort zone, then I can hold a conversation and be nice. If I can't then I struggle.My struggle doesn't really come from no having things to say, or not knowing the first thing about communication, where I fall short is in
Reading is so important. This year I've decided to read more than I've read any other year of my life. This will be hard but I'm off to a good start.I finished my first book of the year a week ago. It was a biography on Nickola Tesla. I'm currently reading; "Elon Musk-Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future," by Ashlee Vance. (got around 50pgs left to go)I've come to learn that reading truly can be challenging. Sure there's those big words you don't understand, but the biggest troub
March 02, 2016
Making money is easy. You go get a job. You got to work. You fulfill your workplace obligations, and work hard. You get a pay check. There ya go. You made some money. This is the average way to earn a living. With this method if you want to earn more money, you need to do more within the job you have. Or get more jobs etc. Then you can slowly build your income.Our ability to make money, and earn a living is largely determined by our perspectives and outlooks. We know that what we think will ult