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April 07, 2016
Writing out a plan adds power to your day. If you have no plan you have not physically committed to action. Sure you might feel mentally committed, but why not be both mentally and physically committed to do what you want to do. This way you can achieve what you want to achieve and become who you want to become. I always find that when I write out a plan for my day I will generally get more done. This is because I feel more committed. I remember what I planned to do. I can also feel accomplishe
Expect it to be hard, but be willing to do it any ways. Always we aware of the reality of opposition. It will never be easy to do what you need to do to become who you want to be. We need to realize that if what we seek to do is become better so we can give more, than we will be opposed. Opposition comes from both directions. We are opposed in our efforts to do what we shouldn't do. We will always be able to find encouragement to become better. We will also be opposed in our efforts to do bett
April 05, 2016
Limits can endanger us and stop us from making progress. Today I realized that many of us put limits on our dreams. We look to what seem to be realistic, logical, and other wise believable. Although this approach makes sense, it isn't exactly exciting. I don't know how you can truly be dreaming if you're dreams don't make you smile, and laugh. If smug grins hid, and the idea of achievement seems stupid, then you haven't started dreaming. Dream big, and don't limit yourself. When you think of th
April 04, 2016
We must always we willing to reflect, contemplate, and review what we have done so we can refine and improve our work. Sometimes this is not easy.It's tempting to just get things done, rather than review and critique your work. Just know that you'll be more satisfied with your finished product when you put more into it. It may take more time, more energy, and all around more effort, but it'll be worth it. I personally don't feel I'm making progress unless I feel confident that I am always looki
March 30, 2016
The other day I learned something awesome and I want to share it with you.I spent the day taking it easy, perhaps more easy then would be best. In the morning I checked out a ton of car dealerships, just for fun. I love cars, so I thought I'd check them out. Admittedly I struggle to always see the value of what I have. Yet my eyes were opened. I checked out cars I thought would be awesome, and I discovered that my current car is better then all the cars I looked at for various reasons.One of th
March 29, 2016
Never stop searching for your solution. If you are convinced there is a better way then don't give up your search. Sure it'll take time, effort, and concentrated thought, but it'll be worth it. If you give up you'll never know what would have happened. If you stop taking the time and effort to work toward your ideal solution then you'll never know how good it could have been. Sure is perfectionism is dangerous, but I'm not saying do what's perfect. I'm saying do what is necessary, do what it ta
March 24, 2016
Sometimes we have to face the facts. We have to realize that we don't have everything figured out. We need to see the room there is within us for improvement. We can't expect to be comfortable with what we are doing, and how we are doing it simply because it's enough for now. We need to seek progress through pain.You and I naturally want to avoid persecution. We don't like being told we are wrong, we hate it when we are made to feel stupid or unproductive. No matter how these thoughts are shape
March 23, 2016
Write down what you plan to do and you'll find that it's far easier to take action and get it down. There is one way you can focus your energy toward your goals and dreams.You're far more likely to accomplish what you're after when you write about it. This may take a few minutes but it's worth it. If you are struggling to get things done, then you might want to try writing down what you plan to do in advance. This helps you to focus your energy on what you want. This also helps to keep you acco
March 21, 2016
Time Goes Quickly...Do what you can with it. Sometimes you may have to be fast, and nimble, and you may want to plan ahead. You can't do great things without taking the time to make it happen. If you don't sacrifice the time and energy to work toward your goals, then you'll never get there.We're all at different places, and we are all on our own journey, but we can get there.Just keep working, and believe. Never give up, never surrender.-EvanThe Concept; Porsche
March 21, 2016
Remain Determined!Things are never going to be perfect. You need to just stick with it. Don't give up. Have a vision of where you would like to go, and keep chasing that vision.Push yourself to become who you want to be. Be prepared for the long haul, and know that although the results you seek won't be instant they will come with time and commitment. Get excited when you look to the future. Believe that things will all work out, stay positive. You will have to fight nearly every minute to stic