You're kidding me right?!

Last Update: November 25, 2015

You and I naturally have the desire to be great at our craft. To be productive, to add value, and to do what we do correctly or the best way possible.

Although perfectionism is not commonly talked about as a struggle that everyone is faced with, I believe that to some degree we will all encounter it. The desire to improve and do well is never dangerous, but sometimes the way we think about it, and what we choose to do about it can be.

The other morning I had a rather simple experience that helped illustrate this concept to me. I have a goal I've slowly being working toward of getting up every morning @ 5AM and going for a walk, exercising etc. The other day my morning was nearly perfect. I had did it! Got my lazy bear but out of bear, and out into the chilly quiet morning I embarked. Then only several minutes into my walk I came to realize that a pebble had somehow gotten into my right shoe! Are you kidding me I thought to myself. I'm having a perfect morning and this is what I get! I was getting frustrated.

Then I realized,...(fresh air and movement seem to help me think better) that although the pebble in my shoe was very annoying, it didn't stop me from pushing myself toward reaching my goal. I had gotten up, got dressed and bundled up, and was doing my morning walk and positive self talk. Although the pebble seemed to ruin an experience that could have been perfect otherwise, I still had a great morning.

I saw that they way I was thinking needed to shift.

So often many of us feel we need to have things just right, we put limits on ourselves that permit us from feeling happy, fulfilled, or accomplished. When we pause to contemplate why we are thinking what we are thinking we will be in a better place to mentally overcome these limits.

I firmly believe that the quest for perfection is a necessary one,
but I also believe that if don't value the steps in the right direction
we will quickly lose hope and give up such a noble quest.
The quest is meant to move us, not make us feel like failures.

As we work on building our business we always face this challenge.

There always seems to be more we could do or could've done.
We always want things to be just right.
Over our heads can often hang a burden of what might be.

Sometimes we forget to see how far we have come, or trust that what we have done is enough for now.

Besides you don't need to be perfect to run a successful online business. After all have you ever met someone who is perfect? Are you trying to do business, and connect with someone who is perfect?! NO! So stop telling yourself you need to be perfect in order to be successful.

Your site, your content, your video, your products, your services, etc., don't need to be perfect for you to find success.

So always remind yourself that you don't need to be perfect to be successful!

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with all you are striving to accomplish, watch your thoughts, and think well of yourself. Have faith in your work.

Always remember to take things one paw at a time!


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ibmountain Premium
Very true.
Calypso47 Premium
The pebble reminded me of one of the songs in Godspell. A lovely blog entry.
Darwyn Premium
Have Faith in your work and one paw at a time. Got it!
ps. Darn pebbles!
TheGrizzly Premium
Thanks for the comment Darwyn!
Glad you enjoyed it!
(Pebbles sure can be annoying.)
Maxiam59 Premium
I will take them one paw at a time thank you Grizzly for your inspirational post all the best
TheGrizzly Premium
I'm glad you enjoyed the post, and thank you for the kind comment. All the best to you as well.