Our Internal struggle

Last Update: December 01, 2015

Our life is based upon the choices we make.

We make choices for two reasons, either faith or fear.

Many people make choices our of fear and doubt, and many make do so without realizing. I've heard that it takes as much energy and effort to be positive as it does to be negative. In some ways I can agree, but when it comes down to it being positive requires us to act in faith. If you are used to acting out of fear and doubt as most of us are, then it can be challenging for you to make a change. As with all things we must remain determined and relentless in our efforts to overcome personal norms in the quest to achieve personal greatness.

The greatest choices we can make in life are those that shape our beliefs and how we view ourselves and the world. Doubt is perhaps man's most dangerous enemy. Doubt stops us from making progress, and pursuing self improvement and the achievement of worthy goals.

It's no secret that how we think and what we believe shapes who we are,
and who we can become.

You and I can easily feel overwhelmed with all we are striving to accomplish, but we must remember to watch our thoughts. Are they helping us reach our goals, or are they void of hope and prone to despair? As we watch our thoughts we can then confront them and change them.

Managing our thoughts and overcoming our limiting beliefs can be very challenging. But the challenge is worth all the effort. Our quest to overcome these internal struggles must have consistency. We need to monitor our thoughts constantly to stay on top of negative thinking etc. Something I have done to help myself in this process is to write out my thoughts and feelings and then assess them that way.

What way have you used to combat your doubts and limiting beliefs?

We are all in this together, and we can all benefit from helping each other over come the challenge we will ever face. Our limiting beliefs and our ability to look ourselves in the mirror with confidence and self acceptance.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!
I look forward to hearing from you, and your prospective on the matter.


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peter65 Premium
Hi Evan, this is quit philosophical and thought provoking. I believe, that 99% of failures are as a result of FEAR to make positive decisions and to take actions, fear of the unknown, failure and lack of confidence in ourselves, not being able to dispel negative thoughts and hold on to positive thoughts tenaciously. Thanks for sharing, God bless you.
TheGrizzly Premium
Glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for your thoughts, I agree fear is our greatest detriment. Sadly there are so many factors to be aware of when it comes to truly mastering our mind. In the world we live in the reality is that most people are not thinking straight, and that's been done by design. We have to stand for faith and truth, no matter how hard it is, how weak we fell, or how far we may feel we have fallen. God bless you as we my friend! Only with him are all things possible.
tomtitty006 Premium
A very good post,well done Evan.
TheGrizzly Premium
Thanks Tom, glad you enjoyed it!
AidenTaylor Premium
Everything is a mindset, being rich, poor, successful, or a failure. My favourite Tony Robbins quote is "where focus goes, energy flows" meaning the more you focus on something (negative pr positive) the more of it you'll have in your life because that's all you see and focus on, ever notice how when your girlfriend is pregnant you start seeing pregnant women everywhere? Or when you buy a new car, suddenly everyone has one? This is the same principle.

At the end of the day EVERYTHING is a thought, chairs, tables, feelings, you, me everything. All you need to do is change how you think about that thought and it changes your perception instantly.

Most people in debt focus on getting out of debt, this still puts their focus on debt, so that's all they focus on and they never get out of it, instead they should focus on saving and investing.

To some all this up in a few words, here's a mother Theresa quote "I'm not anti war, I'm pro peace"
TheGrizzly Premium
Aiden! Thanks for a great comment, and contribution to the conversation. As I have said before, all our efforts to remember the significance of thoughts, and their very real power help us to overcome our challenges. A reminding of the basics is always welcome.
PjGermain Premium
Thomas Edison, Alexander Bell, Marconi, so many others did things differently. They thought outside the box as did many successful entrepreneurs. They didn't believe the negativity given by most around them and yet fully believed in themselves!
TheGrizzly Premium
I greatly appreciate your contribution to the conversation. I think its always important to remember that others have gone before us. And we can look to them and realize that we are not alone in an effort live differently, and do and be more then we now are. Sometimes it can be a challenge to fully believe in ones self, but the effort is worth it.
TheGrizzly Premium
Just found a great article that compliments what we are talking about here, feel free to check it out;