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Last Update: October 27, 2015

This morning as I prepared my smoothie my banana made me think. I over a year ago someone taught me how to peel a banana. Don't get me wrong I've been peeling bananas since I was just a little kid, but only in the last few years have I finally mastered the peel. As I thought about this this morning I realized that many of us feel we already know how to do certain things, and as result we can become close minded.

I had always peeled my bananas from the steam. The thing is, it was always pretty tricky. I felt that I always had to have the perfect flick of the wrist, and hold the banana in just the right way. Sadly many bananas that I peeled with this old method were damaged in the process.

The new process I learned is displayed in the image below. By pinching at the bottom and peeling from that end of the banana you have a lot less risk when it comes to damaging your banana in the process. Not to mention it is way easier.

When we feel complacent with what we know and how things are, we risk losing opportunities to learn and improve.

In the forest of internet marketing businesses we must always be open to learning, and then re-learning strategies and processes in order to build a successful business. This is not always easy. It takes time, and patience.

When I was first approached with the opportunity to learn a new and perhaps better way to peel a banana I was skeptical and quite frankly a little annoyed. I knew how to peel bananas, I felt insulted. Luckily they didn't give up on me. They simply asked me to watch as they peeled theirs...and I was amazed!

Has anyone ever taught you how to do something you thought you already knew how to do?

Have you been happily surprised to discover there is another, and perhaps...a better way?

This is how you feel when you learn something you learn a new trick:

Always remember to be open to hearing people out when it comes to learning new tricks. Chances are that if they feel like sharing it with you, then they are confident that you could benefit from it.

As we travel the forest of internet marketing, let us be open to learning new things, and looking for ways to improve.

If we are too busy trusting that we have it all figured out, then we lack the faith we need before we can realize that there is more to know and greater heights for ourselves and our business to achieve.

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mlight56 Premium
How true .... There is always something new to learn and new ways to learn ... cheers ... Michel
Bogey12 Premium
Nice, it really makes you think...
krazykat Premium
Just out of principle, my husband still won't peel his banana this way. I laugh every time I watch him struggle.
Some of us are willing lexible, learn and change our ways, and some of us aren't. It is my observation that the ones that aren't flexible struggle the most :)))))
TheGrizzly Premium
Love your comment. I agree,...to an extent. We can not always understand or foresee the reasoning behind the hesitancy of others. Trust is big issue when it comes to listening and learning...I think it all comes down to ones thought process, which is formed from the experiences they have throughout life. The solution is not always simple...(There are plenty of so called conspiracies that bring clarity to why this struggle is so prevalent.) You're totally right though, why it comes to those who struggle the most, oft times they struggle to be mentally flexible.
Chessie Premium
My husband taught me how to peel a banana and I can remember feeling quite annoyed when he laughed at how I was doing it. Thanks for the memory it made me smile! Ches
TheGrizzly Premium
No worries! It is the small moments we share in laughter and learning that come to mean so much to us.
allchristie Premium
Evan - new trick: put skin into smoothie; you will be surprised, and it's good for you. Well argued post. Larry