Discipline & Confidence

Last Update: September 22, 2015

Are you prepared to do what it takes to accomplish your mission?

We are all working toward making and continuing a healthy online income, but are we remembering to develop both the discipline and confidence we need?

This week I have decided to try my paw at binary trading again. I trade the EUR/USD. My Grizzly Mentor is the one who got me into it. There are plenty of rules involved in trading if you want to make money rather than gamble it away.

My efforts to learn how to trade currencies has taught me a lot about patience. I really have to remember that everything worth doing will be challenging, and to simply take it one paw at a time. When it comes down to it. I have to always remember to have two very important things in order to be successful. Discipline & Confidence.

To know the rules and the strategy is never enough. One must be able to confidently stick to them and apply them appropriately. Sometimes we know exactly what we should do, but we second guess ourselves and as a result loss the opportunity.

May we always remember the importance of being disciplined, and confident.

Discipline: The ability to exercise self control.

Confidence: The determination to take action and trust your action.

I wish you all the best!

Let me know what you think about the importance of having a combination of both self confidence and self discipline. What have your experiences been?

As always I thank you for taking time to read my post, and for offering your supporting, kind, and uplifting comments.

All the best to you and yours.

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tomtitty006 Premium
Love the moving pictures of Snape and Jim Carrey.
RonAlderman Premium
Great post!
faroeseguy Premium
Your grizzly mentor? ;)
good post. I have been trading binary options for a while, and have tried several strategies. Many of them truly do not do a good job of keeping your money in your pockets :) But some are not so bad at all, they just require true discipline.
For me, money management has been the biggest enemy when trading/gambling.... too many % risk in one trade can quickly be an account killer, as you said, "take it one paw at a time" :)
TheGrizzly Premium
Thanks for your comment. Yep My Grizzly Mentor. The management of emotion and discipline is so important when trading, as you know. I have to remind myself to take it slow. I also have to remember not to get greedy. If you get greedy you have too much emotion in your trading and it becomes harder to rationalize your trading choices.
CharlesL Premium
You are so right about the discipline and confidence. I struggle with both of these issues, especially in developing our web site. Thank you for this reminder. Evelyn