Desk Dangers.

Last Update: October 28, 2015

This morning I went to a chiropractor in regards to sharp lower back pain. This pain could be yours if you are not careful. You were on my mind as the chiropractor carefully explained why I was experiencing this pain. Essentially I hadn't been moving around enough, and the muscles in the inflamed area grew tense leading to pain and discomfort.

You and I need to remember to take time to move. When we move we give our bodies the exercise our muscles and joints need in order to stay in peek operating condition.

Our dedication to the pursuit of a technologically based income requires us to spend much of our time connected to the virtual world. When we connect with the virtual world we most often assume a consistent physical posture. I have now become very much aware of the need to not only exercise, but to break up you day with movement. (We need to get up and move around every 20mins during our work day.)

(My morning walk / run seems more important than I had previously thought.)

Although my learning experience came with pain, I'm grateful for having gained a greater understanding into the need for movement and exercises that will help me form healthier habits thought my life.

I wish to simple provide you with a friendly reminder to get up and move, and move often. Your body will thank you for it. (Not to mention this aids in the prevention, and relief of depression.)

I also found this simple chart that provides a quick reminder as to what it best:

We grew up always being told to be careful with how we sit, stand, walk, etc. Yet once we become adults the reminders to watch our poster usually only comes only from seemingly nagging significant others. Poster is not popular. It is important, but is seldom talked about when we discuss our personal health.

Thanks for taking time to read this blog post!
I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

Ps. Due to office back injuries researchers have developed the standing desk...seeing as standing is good for your health. Check it out. Tell me what you think.

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DebSa Premium
Great post. It is hard to concentrate on the matter at hand when your back is killing you.
TheGrizzly Premium
Thanks. Totally!
tomtitty006 Premium
This post has come exactly at the right time for me,I have a very painful back at the minute and it is right across the spine at the very bottom.I get this recurring pain since I was in a car accident years ago,I also get the pain moving into my right hip,but I think you are right;I suppose one can seize up if they are not exercising.I am playing tennis tomorrow night so I think the movement around the court helps.
Hope you get your back sorted out.
TheGrizzly Premium
Glad I could help. I hope you feel better as well.
Freedomseekr Premium
Very good advice...I know I used to be guilty of spending way too long at the computer at times...then I'd be reminded when I finally did stand up and started moving...well, attempting to'd take awhile to get going after sitting so long, and I'm not that old either, lol. (But, I sure was moving like I'd be 100 years old at first.) After too many times, I think I've learned my lesson...maybe.

Now, I try to get up after 20-30 minutes or so, and do something else for awhile...even go outside with the dogs for a bit since they have to go out anyways.

Good reminder here and I do hope your back is doing better. Thanks for sharing! Best wishes :) -Sherry
HelenpDoyle Premium
Love the desk! Bending my knees is hard for me but I used to do this properly. I have 'loose' joints and my joints show the consequences now.
TonyHamilton Premium
Thank You for sharing Evan, this is great advice especially for us who work on the internet full time and are on the computer and internet many hours a day. Tony
TheGrizzly Premium
Thanks! The chiropractor said my lower back problems have developed over months. So I wanted to let everyone know ASAP, because although you might not yet be in pain it could only be a matter of time if one doesn't develop healthier habits. (I have always felt that we can make the most of our hard / annoying experiences if we can help others avoid / deal with them.