Building Momentum, A Work in Progress

Last Update: September 10, 2015

Have you ever been pushed by momentum?
Have you run down a hill?
Was it hard to stop?

Have you ever been working on a task and made so much progress that you didn't want to stop?

Momentum is powerful, and affects every aspect of our lives. Momentum is gained through physical and mental movement. Mental change when physically acted upon leads to the development of momentum.

Overall there are 4 simple elements of developing and maintaining ones momentum:

1. Have faith
2. Take action
3. Form habits
4. Reward yourself

1. You must have the faith necessary to take action. As you have the faith that your efforts will be worth your time it will be far easier for you to reform your mindset.

You must develop a mindset of optimism. You must come to see the significance of small and simple tasks. As you change your prospective you prepare yourself to take action and build momentum.

2. In order to build momentum you must take action. This action is to be small and simple. Focusing on the simple components of large tasks is easier mentally and helps us to not feel so overwhelmed with all that we have to do.

3. We must form habits that support our actions, and help us to remain consistent. Our habits define the way we live, as we change our habits we will change our lives and welcome new results.

4. It can be truly challenging to develop lasting momentum. Always remember to reward yourself for your efforts. Being sure to take breaks that will help you to stay on your mental A game. Don't go over the top with your personal rewards, but be sure to give yourself the time, experiences, and things that help you feel energized and excited in return for your accomplishments.

Perhaps the simplest example of the importance of momentum can be found in the use of the hand pump. To release the water from the well you must pump the lever continuously. You can't just pump it a few times. The momentum exerted and maintained in the pumping of the hand pump directly effects how quickly you can get water.

When we look to learn about momentum in online business we can easily expect the process to be quite complicated.

This is simply not the case.

Everything is as you see it

If you see it to be hard and overwhelming it will be. If you see it as simple and easy, then it will be. We have to always remember that in order to change and achieve anything in our lives we must first change our mind.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!
As always I welcome your feedback, and look forward to hearing your experience with momentum and productivity.

If you enjoyed this post and would like to hear more on momentum head to and check out my latest post. (Entitled Finding Momentum.)


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mrwood Premium
Hi Evan! Very inspiring this post of yours. It make me think about it and when I see this kind of effect, I know the importance of the content. Well done.

TheGrizzly Premium
Thanks MrWood! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. All the best in your efforts to enjoy momentum!
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Hi Evan, what a brilliant post. I really enjoyed it. You have a blessed day and thanks for the great post, is very insightful and simple. Bye....
TheGrizzly Premium
Thanks John! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I strive to keep things simple and insightful. All the bet to you as well!
RonAlderman Premium
Great post. Thanks for sharing.
TheGrizzly Premium
Thank you!
RoopeshG Premium
Hi Evan.Awesome post,,, will referring it whenever I feel my momentum is slacking.Thanks.
TheGrizzly Premium
Thanks, no worries. Thanks for checkin it out. All the best.
tomtitty006 Premium
A very good post.
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