Transferring An Existing Website to WA!

Last Update: August 03, 2016

A few days ago I had a few questions about transferring my existing website to WA. Below is my post:

'So here is my situation, at present I have my domain name ( registered with 'HostPapa' and my website hosting with 'Online Podiatry Sites'. I am due to renew my domain within the next 2 months and my hosting at the end of the year. My aim is to have everything at WA within the next 6 months.

So my questions are:

1. I think Carson covered this, but I wanted to be sure, if I transfer my domain over, say today, there will be no interruption with the function of my current website, am I correct in thinking this?

2. Seeing that I have 6 months left with my current hosting provider, can I work on a new website in the background until I am ready to change my hosting over to WA, with no interruption with my current website?'

Question 1 was confirmed (thank you Marvin).
Question 2 has not been answered yet!

However, and this is the reason for this blog, I found a way around this.

So if you are like me and have an existing domain registered with one company (company 'A' say), and you have your website being hosted and managed with another company (company 'B'), and you want to transfer your domain from company 'A' over to WA, but you are not ready to transfer the hosting because you want to work on your website behind the scenes so there is no downtime with your existing website that is being hosted by company 'B'. Is this possible? Dilemma hey!

Well like I said, I have just figured out a way that this can be done, thanks to Wealthy Affiliates services.

OK, first things first. You need to transfer your domain from your existing registrar to WA. Very simple, just follow Carson's lesson 'Transferring Your Domains to WA'

Now here comes the best part! Whether you are a premium member or starter member this can work for you.

With your free websites that come with your membership (Premium 25; Starter 2) you can set up a new website with your domain name ( and work on getting your website ready so when the time comes you can move it to your own domain (, then you will not have any downtime with your existing website.

To move your website you will need to follow Kyle's lesson on 'How To Transfer a SiteRubix Website to Your Own Domain' it is very simple.

Hope this all makes sense to you, if not then just message me and I'll try to explain it better.

Thanks for reading.


PS. If there are other people with a '.ca' domain, you cannot transfer this to WA at this time. However, Carson is working on this. Thanks

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Awesome, I was looking for this information. Will see if I can get that done.
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Thanks for this, still have to get my head around it though :)
It's a new language I'm trying to learn.
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If you need any help just ask. Good luck!
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Thanks for the clear understanding on this subject! Cheers, Lisa