This is a pretty cool tool for images

Last Update: January 18, 2019

I found this website this morning. Many of you will have image software that you can remove The background from your images. This does it very quickly. It's not 100% perfect But it is a useful tool. Go ahead and try it will take less than 10 seconds including finding the image

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YanFellow Premium
That's cool but it didn't like a photo of a dog I tried. It only works if it can find a person :-)

gardenguy Premium
Great lead Catherine. Thank you for posting.

Torgom Premium
Thank you
apache1 Premium
Thanks for that Catherine I use In Pixo which also have a free version but also have some paid upgrades with that which does a lot more as well.

Just tried one image and yes it was very quick to delete the background.

Now this will save me some added time compared to In-Pixo where I have to mark areas to remove. So now I can finish the rest with In-Pixo where I can add texts, different backgrounds, and other bits and pieces.

It will save me some time

Always good to have something extra and if it helps well worth it.

Have a great weekend and year ahead.

TheCatherine Premium
that was the idea Andre to quickly remove it and then do it in more detail in another program
apache1 Premium
Thanks Catherine and it does remove the background within secs. So I will be using this at the start

Thank you once more for providing this link much appreciated.

baritonetom Premium
Thanks for the lead. It seems to be a good tool.