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The global online education market is projected to witness a CAGR of 9.23% during the forecast period to reach a total market size of US$319.167 billion in 2025, increasing from US$187.877 billion in 2019.Those figures are absolutely staggering. Each 1 of you here should be thinking about creating your own products, educational products in the next yearPRODUCT LAUNCH CHECKLIST - PHASE 11. Research/Know/Think About . . . what problems does your audience have? What's the thing that sucks for th
What Is The Google Dance?To be fair the term Google Dance is an outdated slang expression used to denote the volatility of new website rankings. Historically Google changed its algorithm every so often to best reflect ..............Whatever it was that Google wanted reflecting. Then the effect was like a savage cull some websites were wiped out and some were rewarded. It's not fair to say that Google has ever penalised sites per see but they have historically rewarded some more than others. The
One of the things I have learned since trying to increase my productivity and profitability of the daily basis is that it's all about the small stuff. It's not whether I'm going to reach my goals, it's more about what I am doing right this minute!Don't get me wrong I have goals for the next 12 months, but these will move you forward if you're not managing your time daily. If I can't make effective use of my hours then I'm never going to bring my reality into my expectations.With this in mind, I
CAMPING IS NOW OFFICIALLY GLAMPINGAccording to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, the sale of outdoor activity equipment has gone up by 25 per cent during the pandemic. I am guessing there are quite a few reasons why this would happen. The primary reason in my mind is that al to of people THINK their travel opportunities have been curtailed, despite the fact that there are still many countries open to tourists. So they can stay local and still have a family experience. of course, the
"No amount of great marketing will help a shit product".Gary VeeWho is Gary V?Gary V a.k.a is an Internet millionaire, he is estimated to have a net worth in excess of $150 million. Love him or hate him, he knows a little bit about our world of marketing and advertising.Paying for eyeballs to your offer isn’t marketing. it is advertising, which is a completely different ballgame. The secret to success is having a relatively small niche with a large communityBe A Big Fish In A Small Pond
There are always tasks and system that will help keep you on track for your business goalsGet the Evernote App on your phone to photograph receipts log ideas etcif you are a new entrepreneur you may not be as organised as you can be. If you aren’t the best at keeping track of finances before filing your tax returns then Evernote App may help. It allows you to photo or clip anything you need to and then tag it. The best thing about this is the fact that it does recognise text in images,
I came across a neat trick today to code the age of your website into your footer so it changes every year. Quite often you notice that websites have outdated copyright dates, and that is because few people change them. If you have changed yours recently the chances are it will say 2020. The drawback to this is the fact it does nor show how old your web site is. Some of the domains I bought last Century.Years ago I worked out you can use a simple PHP solution Simple PHP Solution for Dynamic Co
I have been researching sound and how it affects concentration, ( yes I know there is no accounting for taste!) It seems that if you listen to a repeated beat it keeps your brain on the same frequency. The science behind this is simple. If you listen to the same repeated notes it keeps your brain focused because the rise and fall of the tones quite literally block out interruptions. It is the equivalent of white noise. I listen to these while I work as I haven't got headphones but I wonder if y
Some niches have changed beyond recognition in these challenging times. If you had asked me at the beginning of 2020 Could I go into the Cookery niche I would have said no way it has definitely been done to death? However, as you all know, wherever you are in the world a lot can change in a year.What Has Caused This Seismic Shift?I believe that a lot of people are re-evaluating their lives and their core values at the moment. In essence, that means they are looking for a new way of doing things
One of the worst fears for many newbie online entrepreneurs is that they’re going to devote countless hours and some money toward succeeding in a niche, only to have it fail. There are some steps you can take to ensure you’re targeting the best niche for profit potential. If you follow these basic guidelines, then you should be able to formulate a plan of attack that helps you consistently earn from your investment. This is one step many newbies quickly and foolishly rush through.Ma