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Day 1 2 3 4 Creating your Outline You can read hereAdding Depth to Your ContentWhen you want to be an online niche leader, you want your content to resonate with your readers. This is a big mistake many marketers make. They think in terms of volume or consistency and never consider the quality a
Day 1 2 3 for Faster Content CreationWorking from an outline always speeds up your content creation. If you have to write on the fly, it takes forever to map out the various points you want to make. Try to remember all of them as you’re writing, and ensure each point is supported ade
The previous day's articles are hereDay1 2 Research Tips for Content IdeasWhen you’re pursuing an online marketing career, you know you’ll be cranking out a lot of content for your blogs, emails, product creation, lead magnets, and social media. So you want a method that can help you conduct quick research that makes the writing process super fast.
Part 1 is here Past Marketing Writer’s BlockInternet marketers need content for their blog posts, email autoresponders, info products, lead magnets, social media, and more. When you’re trying to keep up your momentum to stay competitive, you need to know how to quickly draw upon inspiration and convert that time into the content. As an online niche marketer, you have to churn out so much content th
Eliminate Content Creation DistractionsOne of the biggest hindrances to your online success is not being able to block out distractions. When it comes to Internet marketing, you have a lot of content that has to be created, and if you’re constantly having your attention pulled away, you won’t get very far. Content creation for your online pursuits includes blog posts, email autoresponders, social networking posts, info product creation, lead magnets, sales copy, product reviews, and
If you use Thrive Themes like I do, please take a look at this:, you need to update all your Thrive Wordpress themes and plugins.Hopefully you do this automatically but if not then it's worth checking your sites now....and it might be worth considering installing Wordfence too.Is this a bad mark against Thrive Themes?In my opinion no.It's the first breach I've seen affe
When newbies ask about niche selection, I often read the advice that they should follow something they are passionate about. To some degree, there is a sense in that why would you advise someone to write about a topic they I'm not particularly interested in. After 10 articles, at the most any interest is dead in the water.It makes sense that if you're going to be writing about something everyday for the next two or three years, it has to be something you're interested in. However, my point is j
March 14, 2021
I've had lots of mentors in my online career, and I have also used a lot of coaches at various times for various things.(Plus a LOT of coaches for various topics I wanted to improve in)And one Mentor kept repeating this..."Procrastination is the disease of the poor."Some think procrastination is because people want to make things perfect before they do something.Such as launch or start a business.Me?I think a BIG part of procrastination is caused by fear.Fear of failure, therefore I'll put off
If you’ve struggled with copywriting (or even the thought of it), this may be helpfulI’ve been creating quite a bit of sales copy recently and also helping some clients and friends work on theirs.It’s true that copywriting can seem like a very arduous task. When I start to think about it can be overwhelming.So try the following two principles which can really help you:1) Fill In The FrameworkThe great copywriter Eugene Schwartz said,“Copy is not written; copy is assemble
You can’t expect everything to work out 100% of the time. The only way to avoid failure is to never leave the house, and that assumes that you live alone. I have written many times here at wealthy affiliate that failure is an inevitable part of the road to success. It isn't the failing that matters, it is how you deal with the failure!Do you have a horrible job, relationship, or waistline? Do your friends mistreat you? The quality of your life drops to the level you’re willing to to