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I came across the name Matice Ahnjamine my heart went out to her. She has a stutter, and she also has a successful YouTube presence with over 70 videos. Many newbies put off making videos and there's lots of reasons for this.Most people blame it on not having the technical knowledge but I think the underlying factor is in fact fear. I have been making videos for years and I still hate the sound of my own voice, it really grates on me! Weirdly, no one has ever made a comment about my voice othe
Just a few questions I would like to ask the community. over the years I have started a lot of email lists. i have been around the block, more than once with auteresponders. Even now I have three autoresponders .No one autoresponder ticks all the boxes. I would like to start an in depth training about email marketing Including Why you need an email listWhen to start an email listWhat to consider when choosing an auteoresponderWhy you should NEVER use a free autoresponferWhat to write aboutThe d
We go online to look for information for all sorts of things. Whether you’re looking for products or services to cater to your need, or for ideas and information to help you with your project - the Internet has it all. We even use the Internet as our source of entertainment, consuming content in the form of videos, articles and images on social media platforms and websites in our free time. It’s hard to remember a time before all this existed. Plus, the mobile Internet and our smart
Many motivations drive people to come to wealthy affiliates. Many reasons compel people to stay. Don't lose sight of the fact that you came here to make money. I don't care where you came from, how old you are, your education level, or whether you worked as a refuse collector or a college professor; coming here to make money applies to you.At some point in your journey towards success things will get on top of you. Again there are myriads of events you can get bogged down. It may be technical c
The Internet Marketer’s Tool Kit Report Part 1What is it that sets the most successful online brands apart from the lesser known ones? Why is it that some marketers can spend huge amounts of time and effort trying to build a website and promote affiliate products, only to get nowhere and eventually give up?The answer, as it happens, comes down to skill and passion. Sure, there is a small element of luck involved. But if you take a look at all of those highly successful brands, you’l
Financial Security is importantOne of the reasons Wealthy Affiliates is such a great training platform is the fact that you can learn at your own pace. At times, this is both a blessing and a curse. A lot of people find that financial security has eluded them in their job. This situation will only get worse over the next few years as the fallout from 2020 expands out.This makes insecure people deeply unhappy, threatened, worried about their future, yet more determined than ever to find greater
The more you understand your audience, the more they will trust you because they feel understood. Once you make them feel understood, then they will trust you and stop worrying whether or not you are trying to con them. Convince your readers you get them.People buy from people who make them feel that you understand their pain, - they need to feel understood. To get to know them more, go to the forums that they hang out in. Read their problems and make sure your blog addresses those questions. W
I always say that quitting is not an option. However I have to admit that this is not always the full truth.It is good to persevere and not give up or give in.All successful people have one thing in common when it comes to goalsetting.They never give up on big goals!Angela Duckworth, is the CEO of Character Lab, a nonprofit dedicated to the development of character in children. She is also associated with the psychology department in the University of Pennsylvania.According to her book Grit: Th
In the English language, we have many expressions which can stab many people in the back. That metaphor doesn't hurt a group of people but many expressions do. Such as "falling on deaf ears", we use expressions like these often but do we really think about their impact. Many of us don't think we are hurting people.When I was 17 I had Scarlett fever and as a side effect, I became completely deaf. I hated my deafness for lots of reasons. I felt excluded and angry, even though I recovered my heari
Day 1 2 3 4 Creating your Outline You can read hereearning Copy from Your CompetitorsDay 5 Content Writing For Newbies (Adding Depth to your Content) Day 5Copywriting is an intimidating skill for many marketers to attempt. Many don't feel confident enough in asking someone to pay for the knowledge