How to pay for Your WA Membership - Earn Whilst you Learn

Last Update: November 12, 2014

There has been a lot of debate recently, about how to find ways to pay for your wealthy affiliate premium membership so I am just going to jot down a few ideas here.

1. My first suggestion would be contact any member who is earning a living full-time and ask them if there is anything you can do to help them run their business. Make it clear that you don't want salary you simply want to learn and get your premium paid. This may encompass any number of jobs from keyword research to writing articles or building websites.

This has advantages on many levels it's always good to have a mentor above you in the pecking order and also a mentee below you in terms of knowledge. It often crystallizes ideas in your own brain if you have to explain them to somebody less experienced.

It's an advantage if you find a mentor because they will oversee your progress.

2. Ask 10 friends or family members to give you five dollars a month in return for a small task.

3. Use the leverage of large companies. Have a look on eBay and Amazon. Generally Amazon is cheaper than eBay and it is possible to sell a product on eBay that you have bought on Amazon to make 20 to 25%, less PayPal's commission charges. Before you set about this task make sure you use the same country for both searches that way you can take advantage of the fact that there is free delivery on goods over a certain price. In general you should expect a net profit between five and 20% using this method.

4. Workout one thing within your budget that costs an average of $12 per week and then cut it out.You will not have to go without for very long you should expect a profit within weeks.

5. Go to have a look at the warriors for hire section and who is answering those emails. It is not hard to use the knowledge you've acquired here at wealthy affiliates in another forum to earn money.

6. To put that into context of earning if you only charge five dollars an article 10 articles a month would pay for your wealthy affiliates membership.

7. Ask your local plumber, baker, candlestick maker if they would pay $50 to get their site ranked better on Google

8. Get your first commission of Wealthy affiliate! Job done

I am at the moment a mentor to 8 people, they may or may not admit to it underneath, in the comments, but I'm not going to spill the beans neither am I going to be a full-time mentor to more than that number of people, it is not fair to me or them.

However I'm very sure that there are many people in Wealthy Affiliates who would help.

I wrote this very quickly in less than ten minutes in response to Wally's question, I am sure there are many many many ways to drum up revenue, your comments would be appreciatted

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maryhollis Premium
thanks I need an alternative
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Mary if you need any help holler.
kholmes Premium
That is great info, thank you. :))
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Thanks Kimberley
MozMary Premium Plus
you make it sound so easy :)

I've heard 'big guru experts' talk about this sort of thing before, but none of them have been as on the mark as this, usually they just have a load of too obvious stuff, but this certainly gives a springboard for other ideas too...
TheCatherine Premium Plus
I always always preach what I practise or have practised, or had first hand experience with - use the skills you are using here and help others, you are only trying to raise $50 a month - it is easy believe me I had to do it before now. In fact I make sure to challenge myself ast least once a year to make emergency income from sources I have never used, it keeps you on your toes.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Thank you
Lylette Premium
Thank you for these ideas Kat with all the knowledge we are acquiring here at WA it makes sense to utilize them in other ways to earn extra income and also to pay the monthly subscription.
danbarth87 Premium
Great tips!