How to Get Out Of Your Own Head in 2019

Last Update: January 01, 2019


If like me you've been here for any amount of time you will realise that a lot of people want to know if this system will work for them? I have been here so long I have fossilised!I have read the doubt thousands of times

I have been a product creator for over 20 years and I sell many products. They come with the hundred percent money back guarantee. I have got pages of case studies from successful students. Yet I still get people who say to me "I know it works but I'm not sure it'll work for me!"

Now that's just about the most counterintuitive statement you can make. If Internet marketing works, then it works for everybody! It doesn't work for somebody in France but it can't work for somebody in Germany? How daft is that!

This sort of mentality works for all sorts of things. I don't go out to eat much these days. I used to go out several times a week. I don't go out now to restaurants much because I'm widowed and I have to go alone. I was also a chef for many years and often a trip to a restaurant as a reminder that I can do better myself.

Some other people don't want to try a new restaurant because they think, "it might not be good."

Why Do I do This?

So what is the psychology behind this version to try new things. First of all, you can say most human beings don't like change. Even though the only constant in this life is change most people hate it.

Maybe when you go to a restaurant you order the same thing. You know the chili con carne in your favourite restaurant is fabulous. You know this because every time you go you order it.

The 2019 I want you to try and think a little bit differently. Today if I ordered something in my favourite restaurant and I don't like it then I genuinely would not go back again for three or four months. Not because the food was bad, but because it's no fun sitting in a restaurant on your own. Although to be fair if I was in a superb cook myself I would do it every day.

The chances are you grew up with the scarcity mentality. I certainly did. Today I can order anything I want on a menu. If I don't like it then I can go to plan B tookay have the holiday order another dish.

Knowing I can do this changes the way I think. So far I have never had to order the second dish. Knowing I can take that risk allows me the freedom to do what I like.

I have been writing professionally for 20 years. I have recently stopped writing books I am selling short reports. You may think that's a bit potty!

The truth is you never know what is going to sell so I'd just like to take more punts and see what happens. So the next time I go to a Mexican restaurant I can order burritos instead. What's the worst that can happen if I don't like it?

The same thing happens with going to see a foreign film at an independent cinema. It's two hours or two and half of the maximum, if you don't like it, so what? You have choices. You can sit there to the bitter end to see if it gets better. You can decide that life's too short for subtitles and walkout. You can drift off to sleep or meditate for a couple of hours.

It's the same with Internet marketing. Some things just don't work out. Say yes to everything you can. Every week I read about eight books. That's roughly 25 to 30 books a month. Let's say this January I will read 25 books. 24 of those books will be a complete waste of time, but one of those books will be amazing. It will teach me an insight that will change my life.

In one of the books I read many years ago and I forget which one the author wrote about running and stepping stones. It was something to do with perfectionism and the guy believed that if he hit each stepping stone square in the centre he wouldn't have to die.

The truth is we all have to die at some point. A lot of people will go through life a lot better than he did because they're not looking at their feet. They are looking at the stars and having a lot more fun while they do so.

Maybe you are a starter member and you are reluctant to join wealthy affiliate's as a premium member because you're not sure whether it really works. Forget the idea that it won't work for you. If it works it works. The only way you will fail is if you don't do anything.

Forget about success or failure just commit yourself to this community in 2019. Just take more swings and see what happens. Ask questions when your stuck and just keep going. In my experience in this community the only people who fail other people who give up. Or they let life get in the way.

Nothing has to be perfect when you start. Don't get hung up about finding the perfect thing. Don't worry that your image isn't centred absolutely correctly. Don't worry that you struggle to write, it will get easier.

I wish each and everyone of you a happy New Year and hope that this will be the year you will take more risks.Take a leap of faithI make this the year you are financially independent.

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JWhite5 Premium
Very encouraging post Catherine!You have a knack for uncomplicating the complicated,thanks!
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thank you for that wonderful comment and a very happyunsuccessful New Year to you
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Wish You a very Happy 2019 Catherine and what a
Great Post, WA definitely works and really liked your approach when you say, the only people who fail other people who give up.

TheCatherine Premium
it is worth remembering that every day. If you don't do anything you will get nothing. If you do something and it's wrong you can always change it. That's the beauty of taking action
JFergus Premium
Yes, spot on and really gave me encouragement to GO FOR IT! in 2019. Thanks!
TheCatherine Premium
you are very welcome happy New Year
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Happy 2019! dear. It was an encouraging and wonderful read. Thank you.
TheCatherine Premium
thank you and a very happy and successful New Year to you as well
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Wow, thanks a lot for this post... spot on and exactly what I needed to hear (or rather read...) right now! Thanks for sharing your insights and findings from experience, I truly appreciate it.
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have a wonderful New Year and thank you for leaving your comments