Do you use PLR either for research or content?

Last Update: August 09, 2021

What is PLR?

PLR stands for private label rights, sometimes known as white label rights. The term private label rights comes from the initial name which was private labeling. It is ready-made done for you content which you buy the license rights to. Probably every PLR seller has different rights in different ways you can use it.

Basically PLR is any type of premade content you purchase. It might be videos, articles, e-books, whatever, and it allows you to modify change or edit it to your requirements.

Tiffany Lambert who is probably the oldest PLR seller still around at the moment only gives two restrictions when you buy her PLR and they are :-

Don't put my name on it .

Don't sell the rights to this content to anyone else.

So can the people in the front row stalls, please stop squirming and settle down and please stop shouting you can't use duplicate content. I know that Sherlock's although to be fair I have a different take on that the most people but then I've tested it. I'm doing a Partha here and flying in the face of the training here.

For a start, if you purchase PLR videos then with the proviso you put a little introduction with your logo and brand it in the colors of your YouTube channel, at the beginning, you have a unique video.

What is the point PLR products?

First of all I can only write what is the point in my world. As a business owner I have a lot of demands on my time and I also have a great deal of content I need to create and whilst I am a very prolific content creator I need help.

I buy PLR for:-


This is the biggest reason I purchase it. Yesterday I bought over 200 pieces of content about personal development for $17. At this moment I am not researching that niche but I wanted to see what angles other people had written about.

When I opened the content I could see that it also had four infographics within it. Now whilst I don't want to use those infographics as they are they have given me the basis and I can create four new infographics in Canva very quickly from those ideas.

Personally that alone was worth the $17 for me. If it was in niche I was researching it would give me the opportunity to look at keywords within the articles and the reports and also learn the jargon. Every niche has jargon and the sooner you learn it the sooner you can connect with the people who have problems within that niche.

Blog content

Again stop shouting at your monitor about duplicate content. A lot of PLR sellers myself included because I also sell PLR as well as purchase it they give you a lead generation report. This is very often report which is intended to be used as a free opting gift! And, here's the rub, most people in life do as they're told. I know perfectly well, as you do to that that doesn't include me I very very rarely do what I'm told. Which is how I found this little gem. If you look at all those lead generation reports they have very rarely been published on the Internet. I would go as far as to say that maybe one in every 25 reports has been broken up to make articles.

So I can very often get unique content which nobody has used and write articles from it. In my book that's job done!

Your own product and course creation

To be fair, I have often use PLR is the basis for course creation. Especially if I'm going to be selling journals and planners. When I started selling journals and planners I bought maybe 30 PLR journals. I then spent the best part of the day taking small bits from each one, maybe adding a different background, also adding new elements. I created my own unique designs from this at a fraction of the time, it would have taken me to do from scratch.

The caveat

Now I'm going to put a caveat in here, because I can still feel half of you jumping up and down yelling at me. There are a lot of crap PLR products out there there is absolutely no doubt about that. Some of the PLR writers are not even native English speakers. Over the course of the last 15 years I have refined my list of people who I will buy from. I am not looking at that list at this moment but I would guess it will have between 12 and 15 people no more. I have occasionally bought outside of that when one of those people have recommended a new PLR seller.

Some PLR sellers specialize in content for coaches (I am one of those). I have been known in the past to purchase four or five sometimes six pieces of PLR about one thing say "mindfulness". I then read through all of these and I make bullet points. I don't really need to do more than this because it's a subject I know well. Then I create my own course in my own thinkific membership site.

So I have probably spent about $75 and PLR and in the space of probably three days maximum I have created a product that I sell for $197. Again in my book that his job done. I never create my own PLR courses from PLR. That would be crass, it would become very obvious because all the successful PLR sellers know each other and my name would be mud. My reputation means more to me than that but I nearly always use PLR as a basis for courses I am going to sell myself for individual use.

What's the Biggest TrapPLR Users Fall into?

To be fair, the biggest trap would be that they buy it with no purpose in mind. I never buy PLR because it looks good. I buy PLR because I can use it within the next month certainly within the next three months it's not sitting on my hard drive gathering dust for the next 20 years.
That's called profligate waste.


Most people use PLR content as it is. They are either too lazy to re-purpose it or they lack the imagination to know what to do with it.

Ways to use PLR to profit immediately


Compile a report you can use as a lead magnet. If you know you're going to do this with the report before you start you can include a call to action (CTA) in the back. In other words it's an instruction to tell people to do something. You may add a call to action to purchase a trip wire product.


This is a very quick and easy way to convert new subscribers to your email lists into buyers. I took trip wire product is typically sold for under seven dollars and it's what's called a no-brainer. You make the office so compelling that someone can't fail to purchase it. One of my trip wire offers is sold for five dollars and it is an affiliate marketing course with over 18 hours of video content. That's why it's called a no-brainer. From my point of view to make all those videos and then get my business partner to edit them would take several days, yet for $50 I can buy the ready done. It's a quick and easy way to turn prospects into buyers and it is such a good offer it converts really well

If you haven't got your own trip wire product then you can buy PLR and make one. That is one option. Another option if you don't want to go down the route of selling your own products is to use a call of action to promote, say, a wealthy affiliate or something else in your niche.


This is one of my favourite uses for PLR products. I don't necessarily purchase email series though sometimes I can I generally just put part of the articles into an email. One way these emails can be structured is to turn them into a challenge. It could be a seven day challenge it could be a 30-day challenge. You might want to do a two day challenge for example detox over the weekend.

Whatever you are doing to structure these ideas keep in mind the prize. The prize is always the call to action. Whenever you are reading PLR content think about how you can structure it to add your affiliate links or your call to actions.

One of the reasons this is one of my favourite uses is because it isn't at all obvious that its PLR content. The only reason your reader will know that it's PLR content, is if they bought it themselves. So you can get really well written emails donning no amount of time.


Again this is a very quick and easy idea to quickly create a bonus. If you are recommending a JVZOO product you can always add a bonus already in the product download area so you don't have to keep resending a bonus.

You can add a bonus to virtually any offer you like. You can be creative with the bonuses if you are promoting, say Canva, then you can offer anyone who buys the pro version and e-book or a short report on 300 fonts.


Let's say you have some affiliate marketing PLR and you are targeting seniors who want to make money online you can easily change the slant of the PLR from affiliate marketing to affiliate marketing for seniors.


this is another favourite of mine and a great addition to any course you are going to sell. Purchase any workbook at least from a reputable seller and then repurpose it. You don't have to reinvent the wheel and work out how to make a workbook. Let somebody else do that legwork for you.

So I have some questions for you, as you read this far. Please comment below in answer to the questions

Do you use PLR?

How much do you spend in a month on PLR?

In an average month I would guess I would spend about $200

Would you change your mind about PLR having read this?

Do you have any other innovative uses for PLR?

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carolbinger Premium
The first time I heard about PLR was right here on this WA platform. So I did my research and downloaded a few free ones. Honestly, I thought they were quite useless. Since then, I haven't looked at them anymore. Now that you have given much insight into these products, I will definitely revisit their use. Thanks for digging deep into this and sharing it with us.
JarieLyn Premium
Wow, I am so excited you wrote this article. I have purchased PLR but only used one of them in a blog post more than a year ago. I wasn't really sure how to use it but you offered some great ideas in your post. What is Trip Wire Office? I'm not familiar with that. When I googled it, all I got was security wire or something. Do you use click funnels? I'm currently learning about that in another program I'm doing and it seems a bit complicated. Again, thanks for this post. I loved every word.
Angell70 Premium
Hi, maybe this will help you and this ken I know for sure help me a lot
TheCatherine Premium Plus
I am so sorry for confusing you a trip wire office is a typo. I meant a trip wire offer, it is called that because the trip wire is a passive triggering mechanism. So once you you have created a sales page and you go through to the page that you pay it is easy to add another offer that people can add onto their order by just ticking whatever offer is in the trip wire box.
If you're just starting I would not recommend using click funnels. I'm not saying that click funnels is a bad program actually I am I hate it however that's not why am saying don't use it.

My recommendation is you start the training and go through it slowly until you have grasped the fundamentals then come back and look at sales funnels. The most important thing now is that you understand keyword research, you get articles published and you get your blog indexed. Then is the time to worry about anything else
JarieLyn Premium
Thank you Catherine for the clarity. I will keep following the training step by step and do the work.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
There is no substitute to doing things in the right order
BrightSales Premium
I have PLR that comes with program packages that I've bought. I have thousands PLR reports for all contents and lots of e-books. I also have websites that let you download lots of e-books for free. But that will require disk space and time to download them all. The ones I do have are used for informational purposes only. I think you've spent too much. All the best!
Zoopie Premium
Great ideas here Catherine. I will be saving this.
Thanks so much.
MiaL Premium
Thanks for this perspective Catherine. It makes good sense. Some great food for thought here.