Cheat sheet What to Do before abandoning a Website.

Last Update: November 05, 2018

Cheat sheet before abandoning a website.

The following tips are making an exemption that you are both following the training and writing regularly! The first thing to do is thoroughly understand the training redo it if necessary

I receive many emails and private messages each week asking me should people abandon their websites. There are reasons, good reasons to abandon a website. However, the only reasons I would say abandon and jump ship is if you have chosen a niche which is not profitable.

Not all niche are equal. Some make more profit than others. Having said that I personally offhand this minute can't think of another reason to abandon a website. A very sensible member here today sent me a private message saying she didn't want to abandon her website. The question was what could she do to improve it.

So in essence this post is going over what I told her. These are these the steps I would take before I abandoned a website. I have over 50 websites and I have only ever abandoned two of them.

1. Google analytics

Google analytics is really important. You cannot judge the success of your website or the failure of your website until you know where your traffic is arriving from and going to.

None of these trainings are mine. I made the post so that people could understand where the trainings are. So the first thing I would definitely do is master Google analytics.

2. Do You Understand your Niche

Do you understand your niche. By understanding your niche I mean do you understand all the problems in your niche. What sort of problems are your readers trying to find a solution to? If you can't answer this question then you cannot connect with your potential readers. Hang around in forums where your target audiences hanging around and see what sort of questions they are asking.

3. Revamp And Repurpose Old Posts.

All your blog posts should be addressing a problem in your niche

It is important that your posts have the snap crackle and pop factor, they should zing This is particularly important if you have over 20 posts. The first thing I would do would be to go to Google and will it it is and have a look at the posts that don't have any traffic. In some cases it may be they have sustained a massive drop in traffic.

Use Jaaxy and redo your keyword research. Make sure that you have the correct keywords targeted. If you haven't then change them. Don't change the URL of the article change the keywords.

If the article is thin on content i.e. if it is less than 500 or so words then research the article and go deeper and rewrite to a thousand words plus.

4. Monetising your site when it is new.

I am not a fan of monetising the site when it is new, if you are a Newbie. Having said that I monetise my sites from day one. However, I post every day for three months and don't see that this early monetisation does any harm. I also drive traffic to the site using paid adverts.

There is no point in monetising the site which doesn't have any traffic. Unless you have 50 organic real people every day then there isn't much chance of converting traffic. There are exceptions to this if you have a new and trending niche, but the exceptions are very rare.

Just because you're not going to monetise it doesn't mean that you shouldn't be looking at ways to monetise it. Let's say for instance you have a blog about spiritual development. You should already have a spreadsheet of available products. Have a look at these products closely and see what they do. See what problem they solve within your niche.

So let's say there is a product about isolating your core values and living by these values on a daily basis. Start now by preparing your articles. Write about personal core values. Why they are important and how you can develop them. I personally would write about five or six articles of a thousand words plus. These articles are then ready for the point you decide to monetise the site.

5. Monetising the site by paid traffic.

Of course, this goes against the training of wealthy affiliates. The majority of you will not want to do this. If you choose to go down this road then have a look at the products that will earn you over $15 commission per sale. Paid traffic has to be profitable.

Start small to initiate a paid traffic campaign. The money can definitely run away from you. No one, and I mean no one can be certain of having a profitable campaign from the beginning. Start with a budget of five dollars a day.

After the end of the first day have a look at your advert and change 10 to 15% of it. Change the headline for instance and change the colour of the headline. Run the second advert for one day and then take the most profitable advert.

Run this advert for one day again at five dollars a day. Take the most profitable advert and then tweak it by five or 10%.

Carry on doing this for a week which means that you have spent the budget of $35. When you are happy with the best converting advert run it at $10 a day and see if it is still profitable.

When it is profitable you can rinse and repeat and double it every day until you are no longer comfortable at the amount you're spending on traffic.

6.Build Your List

If you have over 30 posts on your website and you have carried out all of these checks. Then you may want to think about creating your own list. A list is valuable because you can re-market to your customers. If you are simply an affiliate you get a sale and get the commission do not have the contact details. The advantages of a list is that you can then remarket to your prospects.

I hope this helps some of you at least to preserve your website and increase its sustainability. If you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to put them below.

7. Get An Outsider to read Your Posts

Are your post relevant? Do they explain clearly? Most importantly can an outsider make sense of the purpose of your website?

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Thank you for sharing but I am still confused by the tip # 6.

For example my website is new but I have now more than 50 indexed posts.

How should I now build my list? Do I need an autoresponder for this ? I am confused.
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Yes, you do need an autoresponder. What is your niche?
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Thank you. I am following the bootcamp (WA).
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When you would benefit greatly from starting a list because the make money online niche has a lot of products you could sell to your list. If you need any training on it let me know and I will make some
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