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Last Update: May 28, 2017

Hi everybody,

Recently a member posted the following question: When is my post a success post?

Following the reply I gave him, I have decided to blog about it for a more detailed explanation about the topic and to give you the opportunity to share your views and participate in the discussion.

At first I didn't understand what he wanted; so i asked him for further clarification; so he explained. It was all about the green success button that you see below the blog editor "New Blog Post"

The Green Success Button

He wanted to know when to click on this button. He said that he never clicked on it because according to him a success post is a post with monetary achievement.

I respect his opinion. However according to me success is much more than this, What do you think? Please share your views.

My Opinion

(A) Success is Relative

It depends on what angle you are looking at it. Someone will see a cylinder as a rectangle and another person will see a circle; it depends on the angle of vision.

Is food abundance a success? It's debatable; Yes people die if they have no food, but people also die by eating too much.

Is financial abundance a success? It's debatable; Your life is at risk, isn't it?

Well let's come back to our topic; when to click on the green button?

Do we click on it only when we blog about monetary achievement?


(B) Milestones successes. What is this?

Ok, let's say success is money goal. But to get the money you need to go through stages; the following is just a simple example:

1. Training completed successfully : success : success post

2. Website created successfully : success : success post

3. Website indexed on google successfully : success : success post

4. Traffic is coming successfully : success : success post

5. Get a new referral successfully : success : success post

6. Referral upgrade to premium successfully : success : success post.

(C) Different forms of Successes.

If you have been able to help somebody, is it not a success?

If you have been able to write a blog, a review etc., is it not a success?

If you've earned a new badge, is it not a success?

If you've been able to write a training module, is it not a success?

What do you think success is, as far as affiliate marketing is concerned, as far as you being a member of Wealthy Affiliate?

I personally like when members blog about their different stages of success, as such:

1. they can be encouraged to move ahead

2. others can also get inspired with it.


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Recent messages
Dragi Premium
Yes, I agree with you. It's all about different point of view.
TheBuilder Premium
Thanks for sharing your view.
accad Premium
So let's begin to use it.
TheBuilder Premium
You are welcome.
enebeliuk Premium
I don't understand the concept behind 'success post'. I don't understand why WA used that specific phrase for that particular green button. Call me dumb, but to me it's confusing. Why not just use the word 'post' instead of 'success post'. Is there something I'm missing?
TheBuilder Premium
It's a tag. If clicked on it, then the post will be classified as "Success Post".
Then afterwards if somebody searches for "Success Post", then the post will be found in the list.
Hope you get the point.
enebeliuk Premium
I do. Thank yo.
TheBuilder Premium
My pleasure.
Loes Premium
Nice, I haven't used that button yet:) However, I have many little and big successes ;) I will think it over next time I feel it's a success for me personally
TheBuilder Premium
Thank you Loes.
billyghawaii Premium
One must realize small successes on the way toward the bonanza we all would like to see. Each small success gives validation that your work, perseverance and frustrations weren't for nothing. It is small successes that motivate us to endure more pain, for the final gain.
TheBuilder Premium
Thank you William, well said.