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May 06, 2017
I'm just at the doorstep. Toc toc toc.I'm wondering whether i'll be able to step in, today or tomorrow.I've builded up my way forward up to rank 26. Let's wait and see what happens tomorrow.Will I get the New Ambassador badge?It will be a great achievement for me.Thank you everybody for your support and encouragement.Usiba
Yes another wonderful surprise I got yesterday. Both Kyle and Carson responded to my questions.Usiba.
April 26, 2017
Another Amazing Fruit of my Hard Work of yesterday.inUsiba
April 26, 2017
Hello my Wonderful WA friends,What is the resultsWhat is the rewardsOne of my school teachers always say: Hard work never goes unrewarded.So here is the reward of my hard work of yesterday. The stats speaks for themselves.The target was met. Moving up from 40 to 34. you everybody for your support and contribution.Now as an Educator I always say to my students: Don't focus on only hard work, Focus on REGULAR work. I bet you must be thinki
April 25, 2017
Hello my Wonderful friends.What likes about?Well today the likes are great happiness in my life. I'm so happy that you have given me so many today. 950+ up to now.More are coming. It will surely cross over 1000 within this 24 hr.Thank you so much my Wonderful Friends.Usiba.
April 25, 2017
What about in one day, or should I say What about in one night.I wanted to see what I can achieve in one day on the WA platform. So what did I do today? Starting at 8.30 a.m. to Now (nearly 11.30 p.m.); within my free time and lunch time at work; and at home after work, after prayers and dinner, and after putting the kids on bed.1. Live chat ( happy to have been able to help somebody today)2. Posting a few questions and therefore learning some new things.3. Following members or following back m
April 21, 2017
Hello my Wonderful WA friends,What about followers? Well I'm very grateful to you my dear friends.This is just a note of thanks. Thank you for being part of my life.A big thank you to all of my 1500+ followers.Usiba
What about the WA community? Well the answer is at the end, in the conclusion.Wow, It's unbelievable I'm now in TOP 50; is it because of the WA community?Anyway it's a great achievement for me.and on top of that, 47 is my current age.How it happens?Well I was concentrating on my websites, forging ahead, being stuck here and there; asking questions as and when required to remove the obstacles on my way. Sometimes I move on live chat for quick responses.Members were always very kind and helpful.
April 05, 2017
Hi everybody,Well again this is another of my favorite numbers. I really like numbers and my life is well connected with them.My rank since yesterday is 57. My car plate number is 57. In my country its a prestige to have a personalized plate number, and its very expensive to have one. Here at WA its very difficult to maintain a fixed rank. The very fact that I'm blogging about it will definitely move the rank. Anyway I'm happy to have tasted rank 57 at least once.Over it is nineteenThere are ma
April 05, 2017
How to Control AngerThirteen Cures to get rid of anger:1.Stay silent2.Move away from the person you are getting angry at 3.Rinse your mouth 4.Sniff water in your nose 5.Wash your face 6.Wash your arms up to your elbows 7.Pass wet hands on your head 8.Pass wet hands behind your neck 9.Wash your feet up to your ankle10.Drink a glass of water11.If you are standing, sit down 12.If you are seated, lie down 13.Think that if you get angry, the other person will also get angry and retaliate and one sho