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June 17, 2017
Hello my dear Wealthy Affiliate friends,Be Wealthy and Healthy.Following my last blog on "washing eyebrows" for a better eye health, I would like to share the following:One of my friend, a physiotherapist, who holds a diploma from Western Germany attended a seminar on the topic:“What cures other than medicines are possible for depression”. One of the doctors revealed an amazing discovery in his speech by saying, “I get washed the face of patients of depression five times per d
June 17, 2017
Hello my Wonderful Wealthy Affiliate friends,I bring to your attention towards such a disease in which the genuine secretions of the eyes reduce or finish completely and the patient eventually becomes blind.According to medical reports, if eyebrows are washed occasionally, this disease may be prevented.Update: care of your eyesUsiba
Hi everybody,Kyle, Carson and TheBuilder. This is an achievement worth celebrating, isn't it?Usiba,(TheBuilder)
June 14, 2017
Hi everybody,Yesterday I posted a question about "how to undo in the WA blog editor"Now I just want to blog about how I arrived at this question. So here is the little story: "The inconvenience"When I suddenly noted that I have reached 2000 followers, I was so happy and I decided to blog about it to share my happiness with my Wonderful WA friends.At the same time, my wife left our baby in the room with me and went to the kitchen. Hopefully she went there, else we would not have had dinner.So ou
Hello my Wonderful Wealthy Affiliate friends,What a Wonderful World of so many Wonderful friends!I'm so happy to be connected to you, thank you so much for everything. Today I've reached 2000 Wonderful Friends in my network. Just wanted to express my appreciation for the connection, and everything that accompanies it ...Your support,Your kindness, Your motivation,Your sweet words, Your valuable help, Your encouragement, Your patience etc.; just to name a few).Usiba
May 30, 2017
Hello my Wonderful WA friends,What a pleasant surprise!Yesterday I received a comment on one of my websites, through our wonderful "SiteComments" system, although I didn't make a request for it. So it's indeed a pleasant surprise, isn't it?Thank you WA for these wonderful tools of "SiteComments" and "SiteFeedback"Members who are not making the most of these tools, I would encourage you.Please use them, they are indeed great tools that will make you achieve your goals soon.All the best,
May 28, 2017
Hi everybody,Recently a member posted the following question: When is my post a success post? Following the reply I gave him, I have decided to blog about it for a more detailed explanation about the topic and to give you the opportunity to share your views and participate in the discussion.At first I didn't understand what he wanted; so i asked him for further clarification; so he explained. It was all about the green success button that you see below the blog editor "New Blog Post"The Green S
May 23, 2017
How is google about. Unbelievable; I was about to write a blog concerning my SINGLE DIGIT rank. So I opened the keyword tool and was searching for a nice keyword with the words 'single digit', when suddenly I saw an AMAZING keyword in the list. UNBELIEVABLE!Searches : 708,395,765Traffic : 120,427,281Competition : ZEROArticle Power : 9.6The keyword is : How is google about Then when I typed in the keyword in the search box, I got another one with the same specifications.The keyword is : What is
May 09, 2017
Are you aware that here on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, thousands of members are tasting the fruit of success everyday. Do you know why?It's because of the training. 1. We are trained here to become the Best in Affiliate Marketing.2. We are trained here to be Successful in our Online Business.3. We are trained here to Make Consistent Legit Money Online.What is more amazing than that, to be the owner of an Online Business and making money while sleeping.Well I've been able to capture the Secr
May 07, 2017
Wow, indeed an amazing one.One of my teacher always told us "Hard work never goes unrewarded". Now as a teacher, I always say to my students "its better to be consistent and regular than to do hard work".For the last couple of weeks I was consistent in helping WA members, and in addition to the personal satisfaction that I got, I also achieved Ambassadorship. A great achievement indeed.What else contributed in this amazing achievement.The details are here on the welcome message that I received