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Rene make my day today.It's always a great feeling when somebody appreciate your help.Feelings like this cannot be explained in words.I seize this opportunity to thank ALL members who appreciated my help and support.
Greetings to all my friends of this Wonderful World of Wealthy Affiliate.Here is a picture which speaks for itself. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to help.Usiba
Hi everybody,Happy to announce that my new website is up and running and indexed on google.This is a website on the food niche. I guess it will be my last one.It has 5 pages and 12 posts for the moment.Before moving further I'll concentrate on "SiteFeedback" and "SiteComments". These are great tools that I always use to improve the quality of my websites.Then I'm planning to post a new recipe every week. I can't do more because I need to maintain my other websites. Hope to be able to add some v
July 10, 2017
Hello my wonderful Wealthy Affiliate friends,I really like the quote that I cannot stop myself from sharing it to you.A wonderful quote shared by our new member "Cass":I like it so much that I've saved it for my students. I'll write it on the board each time I have a new class.Thank you my dear Cass. We really appreciate your contribution.It's a great inspiration.What a beautiful smile she has. are happy to have you on board dear Cass. Please congratulate her
Hello my dear Wealthy Affiliate friends.Hope you are enjoying your time here on our Wonderful Platform.Today I just want to share something with you. So here it is:There are 3 types of people:1. One who wonders why things happen2. One who watches things happen3. One who makes things happenHope you be and stay in the best category.Wish you all the best as alwaysUsiba
July 01, 2017
This is a humble advice, specially for our newcomers.You Hear You ForgetYou See You RememberYou Do You UnderstandSo don't just watch the videos in the training, . don't just listen, . don't just read, . but DO, implement as you go.Wish you all the best.Have a nice time on our Wonderful Wealthy Affiliat
June 28, 2017
You have TWO ears and ONE mouth, so use it proportionately.Happy Sharing.
Hi everybody,I've just noted that one of my questions has been loved by Kyle and as such has been promoted as "Sticky Question"I'm glad to share this happiness to you, my Wonderful Wealthy Affiliate friends and supporters.Usiba, theBuilderUpdate:Following requests of members, I'm glad to share the link, so here it is: it helps.
How to improve google ranking?Well it's all about the google ranking algorithm.What is an algorithm?By definition, an algorithm is a finite set of rules giving a sequence of operations for solving a particular problem, or stating if necessary that there is no solution.But who have knowledge about the google algorithm?Once somebody said that it's only God and google who knows about it.So what should we do then?According to me, the answer is Black-Box Testing.I don't see any other method to know
Hello my Wonderful Wealthy Affiliate friends,Here is another achievement worth celebrating, isn't it?Usiba,(TheBuilder)