Why You Should Never Give Up!

Last Update: March 15, 2019

I couldn't be any happier to write a blog post at Wealthy Affiliate right now!

and I'm not even kidding you guys! Well, here's the reason why I'm excited about writing this one:

Because although I personally don't consider this post to be a success post per se- I just want to express that I'm grateful that I was able to log in to this life transforming platform!

(wouldn't it be funny if this was all I posted?)

Truth is, I was fearing that I was going to lose everything that I had worked as hard as I could for what is almost nearly being 2 months shy of being a year since I had joined the best Online University for internet entrepreneurs in the world... In fact, its probably the only one of its kind in a league all their own!

I will never forget the date that I did: May 27, 2018!

Quick Pep Talk:

To any new Premium Members that may be reading this post: if you haven't by now-you might soon agree when I say that:

by us having been crazy enough to take action and chosen to unlock all of this site's, platform's numerous features which includes all of the video walk-throughs trainings, and access to some very important and awesome tools as well as unlimited support from the community that gives us a significant advantage over other aspiring entrepreneurs that have otherwise, been taught by other affiliate marketing experts, that we definitely had made one of the best decisions of our lives by going premium at WA!

When Persistency Pays Off

In short, I had broken a previous phone on Friday which contained pretty much anything related to my personal life, and as an entrepreneur that is yet needing to make progress to get to where I want to be in life!

I was so close to losing all the progress that I had made here... OR SO I THOUGHT!

it had been an entire weekend that I had not been able to have access to a cellphone or a computer until I finally was able to purchase a cellphone this Monday- and that is when panic finally had kicked in:

Shortly after having recently bought and activated my phone, I was trying to log into my original Google or Gmail account that had all my passwords saved from any of the social media platforms and websites that I usually frequent, including Wealthy Affiliate.

imagine having to lose all the work that you had accumulated over time, only to have to start over?

I know that this happened to another member because I have read their blog post, and it must've sucked having their hard drive crash or what not!

To be frank with you guys, it wasn't until Tuesday that I decided to try and log in to WA and fortunately for me, it was a success!

What Do I Now?

I was afraid of seeing what rank I was probably in after much time away because at certain points, I suspect that your rank may Spike or drop not just from how active you may be, but that it's also in the way you engage with other members like the length and quality of your comments: both on blog posts and fellow members websites! (including the length of our articles)

see, you have to imagine how excited I was when I went from being in #1221 to like #485! So when I logged in Tuesday while I was busy being out and about and supporting a friend who was in the hospital close to giving birth, and was relieved to find out that I was now still around rank #497...

I started this post on Tuesday- but I'm always on the go! See although I have all the time in the world, my life outside of WA consists of being a sort of a live-in personal assistant to amazing people that are more family than friends.

Not only do I make sure our home stays in order and well maintained, but I also assist in the shopping of things we need and what not- but I also help in taking care of an elderly family member that is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease!

Ok- I'm not telling you guys this to give excuses as to why I don't advance and progress as much as I should be- I mean, I know that I could accomplish so much in a matter of time if I could dedicate my time as much as I would have liked- but I'm merely sharing what my daily life consists of.

What I Need Your Help In

Ok, now that I covered and shared what I felt was worth knowing about me, there are some questions that I need answers to, and hopefully some of you amazing people can help me overcome my current obstacles. So here's the deal:

although I managed to log in to WA, my issue is that I feel that I shouldn't update my email address on my account here yet. (I had to make a new one😐)

Here's why: although I forgot my password to my original Google account, and am not able to recover or verify that it's mine, my concern with all this is how can I be able to be at full potential if I can't access my Google Search Console that had my main website registered to my old Gmail.

so with that I wonder if you guys would know if Google would flip and call a red flag if I tried to try to register my website with my new Gmail account.

another vital piece of information that may be of help of anyone here possessing any kind of knowledge (or skill) that may help you come up with a possible solution: when Google wanted me to reset my password by requesting a 6-digit verification number, I can' receive it because I never anticipated such a thing to happen (my cellphone breaking), that Google account was still connected to an old number that I had on an older cellphone that I used to have before I decided to upgrade to a better phone which for some reason I was also forced to get a new number!

Since I failed to update my phone number in Google, luckily for me, I still remembered the old number and decided to call it to see if someone else owned it and sure enough, that turned out to be the case!

But here's what sucked: the person that answered was a Russian lady and did not understand any English!

so I set out on translating my message by writing and searching how to communicate with her and I did, but all I got was a bless you from her!

mind you, I was planning on going to a Russian grocery on Tuesday but of course I had to change plans that day and I didn't do so until Wednesday. I was hoping that I could find someone willing to help me and talk to this lady-

with some difficulty, even despite I had shown another Russian lady what I had wrote (in Russian) and shown proof that I used to own that number, she still insisted on pretending like she still didn't understand what I wanted and why, and how do I know Russian (I told her I didn't, that it was all manually searched and painstakingly written), I was then simply rejected by her rudeness because her and another lady was looking at me with suspicion and minor uneasiness.

I had given up on them when she said that she knew that this lady was not going to be willing to help me. It was the most uncomfortable experience that I wish no other human being would go through, but sadly, it happens!

I felt discriminated and had to walk back to the car where a friend was waiting for me while swallowing my pride... I told her what happened and she was horrified!

I cried after she drove off as we went to go do some grocery shopping elsewhere...

so- I'll leave it up to you guys.

What do you have for me, family?

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I use LastPass as my password manager and love it.
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Take 10 deep breaths in and out slowly

Write down 7 things you are greatful for right NOW

We have 2 wolves within us, question which wolf is the stronger? Answer The one you feed.

Feed the strong vibrant one that leads you to this present moment.....

After you are feeling peaceful things are much easier to handle, don't rush to fix everything at once, do it at your pace....
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I appreciate your support Ann,

I will do exactly that later, and I will get back to you via PM afterwards if I can.

I'm sleeped deprived....

Last weekend messed up my sleep cycle.