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Last Update: May 16, 2019

What's up WA family?

At first I was surprised that no one hasn't written about this yet- But after I was able to finally get back to checking things out, I found out shortly that someone already had beat me to it!

(Congratulations By The Way! ☺️)

I'm just gonna jump right down to it and try my best to give you a decent post because I'm also excited about what I had just discovered after having refreshed my page-

And because you're worthy of actual helpful content!

When I got done from catching up on some website comments needing approval from months ago on one of my websites;

**See, what I usually do is I refresh my page from my smartphone (a Motorola from MetroPCS) which is where I do all of my work anyway-

I was doing it so I can see if the tech team updated our rankings, if there where websites available to offer feedback/comments on, etc.

Then sure enough, as I was about to select the Dashboard menu option, I noticed that there was something different about the Wealthy Affiliate Menu:

5 Options below, between Research and Live Help:

There was a whole new menu option that takes you to another site feature, a new addition to Wealthy Affiliate's ever improving Online University:

- Affiliate Programs

Inside The "Affiliate Programs" New Wealthy Affiliate Feature

So as you click on the Affiliate Programs menu tab, you get directed to something called Affiliate Program Search.

-Affiliate Program Search is to not be mistaken with Jaaxy's Affiliate Program Search Feature!-

Turns out that the wonderful technical team of wizards have been working closely with Carson, and they have developed a one stop shop for anything related to affiliate marketing programs!

Note: The layout of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and its many site features and tools may look different if you are viewing them from your computer.

Thank You For Noting,

Captain Obvious

It has a built-in search engine where you can search for affiliate programs accross 294 categories with the top 5 categories displayed neatly below it. (see image above)

To individually find a category in the Affiliate Program Search engine, you will have to click where it says ALL: where you'll access the scroll-down category menu.

As usual that star that we see inside the search bar is so that we can tag and bookmark specific affiliate programs we really like so that we can find them later.

What Does This Do?

That little green symbol at the top left corner, if you see it anywhere within the Affiliate Program Search tool: It will always take you back to the main menu of its search engine!

What Else Is There To Know?

Without a doubt, a whole lot more!

Right above the search engine of the Affiliate Program Search Platform:

There is an icon that looks like two arrows running up and down in opposite directions:

This opens up a mini menu that helps you further filter your search results.

The way you deal with this baby is by selecting between ascending or descending.

When you choose to be specific with the kind of affiliate programs that you are looking to promote, you are practically taking full control on how you see your results, even as far as to the kind of affiliate programs you see by any kind of specific order. (from lowest to highest, and vice versa)

Now Anyone Can Succeed!

There should be no reason why any of us couldn't!

Sure: We have obligations, duties, and responsibilities outside of our business;

You may even be dealing with someone who doesn't see your vision and thinks that this is just a hobby or that you spend too much time glued to the phone, thus further delaying your progress-

(such is my case...)

But I Digress:

Even I couldn't find another affiliate marketing online university that could come close to matching the quality of their thoughtful consideration and attention to the needs of their students!

With affiliate programs available to seek for every affiliate marketer from across 250 countries-

You can't say that you can't do what the rest of us are working hard on doing: achieving our dreams!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention, and as you can see for yourself: You can even filter your results by the kind of payouts that may be available for your country so look into that you guys!

Screenshots Of More Filter Options:

end of screenshot

Keyword Ideas To Find Your Affiliate Program

Keywords: They are the resources that you have at your disposal to create a foundation from which you can build what can be a successful business if you do your research properly.

I would like to note that what most of us fail to do when starting our own online business, specially when we are new:

We fail to look for SEO optimized domains for our websites so that we can boost and leverage our ranking properly...

But in Affiliate Program Search, Keywords play a different role because in this case, you are only merely describing and narrowing down the kind of affiliate program you are looking for:

Finding Popular And Trending Opportunities

How do you like them apples?

I mean we have all that we need to succeed right here!

(now imagine Wealthy Affiliate being able to be help people in multiple languages!)

With more options and opportunities and ways to seek them for the aspiring entrepreneur,

Never before has a newbie have a higher chance at success than those of us who started even a year ago!

It's time that we let those success stories start to flood in!

HERE IS A FINAL Screenshot Upon Pressing A Popular Keyword by accident earlier, found at the very bottom:

Your Time To Shine Is Now!

So now that I have given you a thorough tutorial of the new Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program Search platform, I truly hope that you enjoyed reading this because the first person to post about it, posted just to be the first one to have posted about the new Affiliate Program menu option here at Wealthy Affiliate

I thought I could spend hours working on this and I did and I feel proud of myself.

let me know how I can improve this blog post!

Thank you Kyle & Carson and the brilliant team working behind the scenes on all that you do-

Who knows where we would be if it wasn't for all the great things you do for the world!

Wishing You Much Prosperity and Success in Abundance!


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Bravo, you've done a great job of explaining this new great feature.
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Thank you! I just actually got done editing and making this post a little bit more readable and hopefully more enjoyable.

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Thanks for sharing. Another tool for the tool box.
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Sometimes you need to have or find more ways to make your life easier, and not necessarily your work...

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