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Boom, Pow! What's Up Fam!Boy, am I sure thankful to be writing this blog all while fighting a mean cough and a hoarse voice, and sleep! Because this is me reminding myself right now, That I'm going to have to do put in some serious work if I really want to be doing what most will only be talking about doing and dreaming of throughout the rest of their lives...So where do I start?Enter The Dragon!It's been a rough journey so far that I've been going through! Having been confronted by imminent p
what's up WA peeps? I am proud to take this quick moment to announce that I finally completed the second level of Online Entrepreneur Certification and it feels great! In my last post I recall saying that I was bound to be ready to move on to level three! Sure enough afterwards I forgot to realize that I had a couple more tasks to complete and I recovered quickly from my slight mistake but after my birthday festivities I bounced back to complete them.All I can say right now that it feels good t
What's going on WA family! My name is Jose and I have been doing my best to complete as much of these lessons as possible while I tried to make time to do so for almost nearly a month!Now it hasn't necessarily been an entire month that I've been here at Wealthy Affiliate. It was actually around the 27th of May in which I first came across a review of an investment intelligence agency that I was relieved to know that it wasn't a scam.The Beginning Of An Exciting Journey!That website within the s