I Had Regained My Focus & Increasing My Momentum!

Last Update: November 29, 2018

Boom, Pow! What's Up Fam!

Boy, am I sure thankful to be writing this blog all while fighting a mean cough and a hoarse voice, and sleep! Because this is me reminding myself right now, That I'm going to have to do put in some serious work if I really want to be doing what most will only be talking about doing and dreaming of throughout the rest of their lives...

So where do I start?

Enter The Dragon!

It's been a rough journey so far that I've been going through!

Having been confronted by imminent procrastination and straight discouragement from my peers, I somehow managed to overcome and even change my situation from all the things that were holding me back and keeping me from progressing here at Wealthy Affiliate!

So here's a little update which is gonna be a brief rundown of what's been going on with me since joining earlier in May:

I still have not made any money from my website promoting wealthy affiliate, and I'm currently working on another article thats nearly finished for my website!

However, on the whole other side of the spectrum, let's get on over to the the part that may hopefully motivate and further inspire our fellow newbies, to which if you happen to be among those right now reading my blog, welcome to this awesome online entrepreneur training platform!

It has been a while since I had done any further progress, meaning that I was letting my ambassadorship rank drop drastically as weeks would go by going from like #12569 to like #26749!

Not Gonna Sweat The Small Stuff!

I mean why would I?

The way I see it, our goal is to write at least 1,000 words in keyword rich content per article we write, although it would always be recommended to go for like another couple hundred words right?

Come along with me on this one because the whole point of me writing this blog is so that I can motivate my peers and remind them not to quit!

I still have that article to finish which we've touched on that earlier; and it's gonna be hella awesome when I finally publish it and have it ready for the visual aspects of my article. So far, ever since I have gotten back to writing and becoming a little bit more active within the community and engaging with my fellow members, some of you are far out amazing people!

So far as the word count of this post has currently passed over 400, my point in this personal exercise to further boost my confidence and strengthen my support on the logic that if I can manage to write at least over a 1,000 words in this blog post, that theres no reason why I couldn't have content to write about at any given moment!

That's to say that if I can do this in one sitting in a matter of minutes, given that you get very creative as well as determined to complete your task before you, there's no way you could ever see short gains, you know why?

Because you've set out to smash some serious goals like catching up and then passing the highest rank you've ever been in befor, just like I have recently!

I am currently Ranked at 9,935 which is right now, the highest rank I've been in so far... With the potential to keep rising up even higher!

I'm telling you guys that all the little things that you can do towards contributing to the community and giving back to our members do eventually add up!

Anyway, just wanted to leave you guys to remind yourselves why you're doing what you guys do and I know for a fact that most of you will get that as the more you do and the more you become involved inside Wealthy Affiliate!

I know that many, if not, most of you may not have the kind of time as I do so that I understand that it's even harder for you guys to handle your business but nevertheless, no matter where you guys are at right now, don't give up nor give in to nothing in this world if it isn't gonna be a part of your victoy!

We all know that we were meant for much more bigger things in our lives!

Keep your eyes on the prize!

With love,


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Trujunco Premium
Jose, I enjoyed both message and your energetic delivery.

Keep up with that man as you are gifted with two things:
A. An ability to convey your thoughts articulately
B. A core community dedicated to pushing for
progress in their individual pursuits. We have
each other!

Thanks for the encouragement,Sir and look forward to your
next post

Shine Brilliant

David R.
Marley2016 Premium
Never listen to others you know this works
Put in the time work and patience and you
will be greatly rewarded in the end :)
Thanks for sharing,
dragonfly10 Premium
your positive attitude will move you forward, don't let naysayers pull you down
DonnieNorton Premium
Jose, I hate to be the bad one here but you mentioned that you had not made any money yet. You have been a member for 6 months with only 3 posts. My friend if you want to earn an income any time soon I would advise that you put in more work as in post more content. I'm not trying to bust your chops just a little friendly advice. Have a great day and best wishes on your journey here in WA.
TheAdvisor Premium
Oh I meant that as the number of posts made so far here within Wealthy Affiliate! My website definitely has more than 3 posts there for sure, but in any case, putting in work is always a surefire way to see some sales if I remain consistent in my content writing.
DonnieNorton Premium
Good deal, I am happy for you. Take care
Cass51 Premium
Way to go Jose keep it up and cant wait to see your progress. Cass
TheAdvisor Premium
Thank you so much for the love Cass! May you find yourself in the path of financial abundance!

Hope things are looking much better for you after that uncomfortable episode a while back!
Cass51 Premium
I'm a warrior so everything is good. Thanks for caring:)