I Got An Unexpected Lead!

Last Update: June 14, 2020

What's up Wealthy Affiliate Family- How are you finding yourselves as it is 8:20AM in the morning Pacific Time in California so good rising to each and everyone of you!

So I came up with sudden unexpected lead in a form of a text back in June 11, it was the kind related to Local SEO- Digital Marketing Firm Niche.

This is a retyped excerpt of the text I received at 7:23 on Thursday, June 11, 2020:

Hello Jose, I was reffered by your friend Mario... he mentioned to me you design websites? I'm launching a men's clothing line and in need of a website. So can you give me a call when you have the time... 1234567890


What a sweet opportunity- right?

I have a second incomplete website that is in this niche but I shared both my affilite website and my incomplete site to this Anthony and he tells me that there are a few links with examples to which I'm still waiting on, I did tell him that I had to be able to work on a WordPress website seeing that I don't have a car he really wanted a face to face but since I'm way more than past than the other side of town-

I'm thinking of asking him if using a video chat or webinar along with some screensharing app like from- and for a laptop- if it was something that he would be ok with using in order to arrange that face to face

Things I need to work on:

So I know that I have to watch all past recent live replay webinars and even finish a couple of others that I got interrupted or distracted from (and potentially procrastrinated from too)

some of them having to do with local citaion and all that good stuff just in case

Finish that website for my digital marketing firm.(may need to start taking advantage of SiteFeedback more often!)

Do you guys reccommend any PRO anything features that you rhink I should purchase or maybe from some other things other than Brightlocal? to which I can't wait to be able to purchase anything if possible

Anybody here is into cryptocurrency trading and binance and AI trading software robots?

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Linda103 Premium
Sounds good so far Jose.
Zoom is used a lot by professionals for meetings. Of course there is skype, microsoft teams and loads more since so many company's have moved meetings online. If you have gmail, you can do a meeting from that too.
Good luck.
JeffreyBrown Premium
It sounds promising, Jose!