From Golden Goals. To Opened Golden Doors! - A New Chapter In My Blogging Journey

Last Update: February 14, 2020

Hello WA Fam!

You may probably be able to undeniably tell that right now:

I am truly excited about my future because I am here writing what would be my 8th post:

(8= Eternity-Forever!)

And as far as I could be concerned like any one my peers and WA colleagues here:

I'm sitting on top of a gold mine baby!

So I wanted to take this opportunity now that I'm feeling like I'm in tune with the flow of infinite inspiration and creativity while taking notice of all the little things that I have been doing at an ever increasing rate (I don't always get to feel- then act on this surge of energy)-

That have been very helpful and very effective in my programming and conditioning, while doing the best to to discipline my mind into adopting a high-performing winning mindset!

Having been doing this consistently has resulted in my WA rank to spike up getting me ever closer to achieving Ambassador Status:

meaning that I am also that much closer to earning the ambassador badge at Wealthy Affiliate!

***achieving this goal would mean that I will finally be able to check off this goal from several goals lists and affirmation filled pages!***

Putting Plans Into Motion!

With this being said, I am grateful and proud of all the things that I have been able to do so far to allow and push myself to do, even when there were times I wasn't feeling so motivated, so inspired- or even so close to achieving the success I know will come to achieve!

Now that I have your undivided- and extremely valuable time and attention: I want to thank you in advance for showing your interest, love, and support and overall by being here right now to celebrate the end of my WA Blogging drought.

This is me making moves, taking action, working on creating and achieving to breathe life into the dreams that I want to achieve to see and live in this life as I do it while walking conscious and awake!

When I was originally thinking of something to write about and share with you guys- I was thinking of writing about a blog of something along the terms from things I may have experienced or learned along my journey-

and by having brainstormed potential "Keyword Titles"

it has birthed an inspiration for me to consider writing either a blog series- and then maybe even write and publish a book based on that blog series!

This blog post may serve as the introduction post in this series!

This is part of a bigger picture. This is also part of of the architectural task that I am currently orchestrating as part of my creative strategy that I am mentally planning, and 'feeling through' as I proceed to finish off any immediate tasks that may be in alignment, and support my ideas and intentions that will allow me to get that much closer to achieving, meeting- and hopefully exceeding and realizing my dreams and goals...

From Golden Goals... To Opened Golden Doors!

What It Means To Redefine Your Vision

Going into Wealthy Affiliate with just some knowledge and understanding about affiliate marketing has definitely elevated and changed the way in which I viewed the internet, social media- and even internet marketing for that matter!

See- There's a little something about me that very few knew about me but hardly anybody ever understood about the way I came to discovering Wealthy Affiliate.

I have always looked into online marketing, and other various ways to make money online. But I always knew that Affiliate Marketing- or getting paid to blog was kind of the way to go- and that it was the most preferred method for people that are aspiring entrepreneurs to get their start in their journey in creating a passive income for themselves.

For years, I would always mostly watch YouTube videos or read articles about anything from turnkey systems, done-for-you businesses, e-commerce and even drop shipping. But nothing ever resonated with me more than affiliate marketing.

It's as if I was meant to manifest- discover wealthy affiliate after 2+ years of doing nothing but watching videos, reading blogs, and just thinking and knowing deep in my heart that this was something that I said that I would love to do!

So after having made even further discoveries and self-realizations about myself and what I was meant to accomplish in this lifetime-

followed by learning a bunch of other nonsensical mumbo-jumbo, new-age, esoteric concepts into the power of the mind, quantum physics, and about the secrets of energy,frequency, and vibration- and even the effects of sound through frequency-

Then added and incorporated into my understanding of law of attraction, synchronicity, numerology and all the other metaphysical and occult sciences like spiritual alchemy, ancient wisdom and secret sacred Coptic texts and traditional teachings and their secrets of multiple religions...

My point is that all of this had lead me to realize and believe that I am witnessing my life unfold before my eyes like a self-fulfilling prophecy!

All I know is that I must look back at all the things I have learned in, and from my past or what was known for me to be the past-

then use that to see how I can grow myself and my business by looking at what's yet to come and find the way to have my efforts pay off!

Your Destiny Is Set In Stone!

Do you believe that you were meant to achieve greatness and accomplish alot while making the world a better place because of that in the process?

I tell you- that's exactly how I be feeling most times when I see things that are like a "sign" from the universe that I'm still in the right track and doing exactly what I'm supposed to do and when I'm supposed to!

I have all the time in the world to get much more done and advance with my training much more quicker than expected but I'm not about to make excuses nor am I going to blame others as to why I never have the time to do my thing so that I can grow my business-

but what I do know is that it's only a matter of time when I start seeing proof of this growth- and I'm sure that I'm not too far off from seeing me start doing more!

My Final Thoughts

Apart from seeing that I have been blessed to have what most people don't see or understand about what is otherwise a "dream job"- I am blessed to know that as the more that I learn and look on how to improve as a person: the more valuable I become!

I wish I could sit here and share my story with you. Because there really is so much more that has been happening recently as a result of the habits that I have been learning, adopting, and the mindset that I train, program, and condition my mind for wealth, success, prosperity, and abundance among many things-

it's as if people, situations, and circumstances are drawn to me, my energy and my presence- or become that much more aware of it when they do that it could be almost a blissful, magical, or an spiritual experience to the point it can become overwhelming!

If you don't see me blogging- or publishing more blogs either here or on my website more frequently as of recent: It's because I be balancing my tasks and goals between that, and doing research as I steady keep finding awesome, fun affiliate programs that allow me to get paid to surf and look for other sites and affiliate programs that kind of gave me an idea like as if I'm starting to see how it all (internet marketing) works!

I am currently planning on recording and documenting every little aspect, and activities along my Journey so that then I can create a blueprint-system for others to follow as proof of what can be achieved if you believe that you can and work hard for what you want most in life!

doing that may mean to literally record everything about my progress and journey including: Affiliate programs that work and continue to work for me. The time and date in which I made a discovery, started a research, created a list, and even when I started to do something and how long it took for me to comeplete that goal.

I am also thinking of making trackers, and lists and possible templates so that I can make the learning and growing experience of my referrals- that much more easier and fulfilling... And of course rewarding!

To a 2020 filled with growth and financial abundance!


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JeffreyBrown Premium
Great post, Jose! You seem to have your plan for success thoroughly mapped out!👍👍
TheAdvisor Premium
It's funny that I was just talking about how I'm just trusting the process as I proceed to do my best in what is ironically- a work in progress in itself!

Thank you for your support. I'm just feeling my way around things as I try to complete whatever necessary tasks that I need in order to get things really get rolling!

My main simple goal is to work as hard as I can so that I can finally start earning that traffic that I deserve if I'm to truly reflect my passion for my business on the work ethic I said I want to have-

Heck- I might as well say that I already have it and then I just may even surprise myself!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Jose--a very Great answer--and good material for another blog post here, my friend!

Enjoy your Sunday!
AlexEvans Premium
Formulating a blue print for success, Jose.

Keep going, you will achieve for sure.
TheAdvisor Premium
I have no doubt in my mind that this is going to be the case!

Thank you for your support- I'm only trusting the process and I know my time will come.