Finally Finding My Rhythm! - Defeating The Self Limiting Monster

Last Update: March 09, 2020

What's going on WA Family?

How beautiful has your weekend been while working on accomplishing your goals?

I believe that each one of us eventually come to our senses after we get knocked down so many times that we have no choice but to keep pushing through and fight back on whatever obstacles that we come to face.

We end up doing this when we start coming to grips and terms on to what it is that we want as well as what we don't. Once we know what that that we want to do or have happen for us, we can then procceed to keep working hard to show that we really want to succeed!

Latest Accomplishment: Created My Logo!

Yes indeed! That I finally managed to get around to doing it for a much older affiliate marketing website that I, at one point earlier- used to hold on to this subconscious self-limiting belief that I wasn't that gifted- or even that talented at coming up with a decent logo for it:

After all... I already had designed a logo for a newer local marketing-seo consultancy service website (think of an online digital marketing agency) that I loved and was at least satisfied enough with it-

That I practically told myself that if I managed to create one for this newer site- Then I could definitely be able to create one for my older affiliate marketing site. I couldn't be prouder of myself of any recent progress I have been making so far... And it's all thanks to training!

What I Have Learned Nearing My 2nd Year At WA

I have learned some valuable skills- gained some really insightful knowledge and tips from the live-training webinars provided by Kyle and Jay "Magistudios" that are then available to watch as replays by all Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members! I have to give credit where it's due because if wasn't for what the valuable training that they provide to us-

And I'm definitely not leaving out Carson and all the Super Affiliates that are leading the way and setting an example for all of us to just go out there and try to raise our personal bars as to what we expect of ourselves in regards to our personal and business development and growth!

So here are some valuable points that I have learned that could also help others in this community that may be going through a similar situation at the moment:

Don't Edit Old Posts!- (Always write new content going forward):

This was something I wish I knew from the start!

Follow The SEO Checklist: This is crucial and will help you organize and keep track of what kind of information (keywords-phrases) goes where- so that you can have a clear blueprint to master that will help you towards getting those rankings needed to start receiving the traffic that you need in order to be able to monetize your website and start making the income that you would most be happy with!

Work On Changing Your Mindset: This is probably the single most valuable thing that I work on, on a daily basis. Having been doing this routinely everyday has been of great reward and benefit because even though I know how vauge this will sound to some of you-

But I'm not kidding when I say that everything about me, within me, life, the people and circumstances that have been occurring and being attracted into my life: have allowed me to be a personal witness to the experiences-

And positive changes, and personal transformation that I'm currently having as a result from working on programming my subconscious mind!

Trust The Process: Follow The Training!

I couldn't be more positive when I say that there should be no reason why any of us can't succeed with our online businesses given that we have the time and the health to work towards attaining it!

If there is one thing that I can add that may serve those of you who are just barely getting started, it would be this: stick to the training that is appropriate to the niche that you are in because the last thing that you want is to delete a website and then create another website that is more relevant to the other training that you could have taken-

Avoid confusing yourself with your training progress by starting over with your training- and just to be on the safe side: make sure that if you are going to create an affiliate marketing site after having deleted a different, older (probably your first) website in a niche that was appropriate to the training that you were already taken and had started with originally.

The reason why that is it's because upon further observation and completing some levels/tasks in both the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (OECC) and the Affiliate Bootcamp- although they may seem that they all happen to be the same training video lessons-

But the reality is- they do differ!

Trust me- You do not want to create a new niche website and then continue where you "left off" in your training in the other course... It will throw you all in a loop and only confuse and frustrate your growth and progress!

The Rest Will Eventually Come In Due Time!

Whatever it is that you expect from- or looking forward to as a result of- and with the training that you are receiving from WA and your own individual research: A business opportunity, a new stream of income (you will eventually find other equally awesome affiliate programs to promote!) a lifestyle- more traffic; etcetera.

My advise to you with the obvious pun intended: Is to just trust the process like I talked to you guys about, in the above subheading- just go along and bust your ass off as hard and consistently as you possibly can: I wouldn't have to be willing to lose a bet on you when I would know that I could believe in you as much as you believe in yourself and what you are doing!

Your job is to not worry or figure out how you are going to do and achieve that which you want to do and achieve... It is to simply know and believe in what you know you want to do and achieve and have that faith and unshakable belief that you just know that you are going to do it because this is proof enough that you are already doing it!

Final Thoughts

Our minds can definitely be our own best friend or our own enemy. At the core of our very being that is reflective of the kind of inner dialogue/belief that we have with ourselves about ourselves and our personal- or business lives: that is our thinking, our feelings, our emotions, what we say, and what we feel when we say what we say-

We practically reflect outwards what is already in our inner state. and we attract more of that which we feel and give more power to.

So think positive and be kinder to yourself.

You deserve to have the love that nobody could give you better than you!

To a 2020 full of growth and life-quality transformation!


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JeffreyBrown Premium
Wow , Jose--you're learning a lot my friend! Congrats on the logo!
TheAdvisor Premium
Thank you Jeffrey- I truly am learning a whole lot!

I love it here- But I know that there is so much more to learn that is available apart from what can be found that is offered here.

I am constantly always finding awesome opportunities that are essentially a great addition and a compliment that could practically increase the potential earning value in addition to what is already possible as a result of my Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership!

Thank you Jeff- I actually found it to be simple and design, and like everything else: of course there is always room for me to seek to improve whatever it is that I do in regards to my work and personal life-

Including any future projects!

Looking to learn some valuable things from you!

JeffreyBrown Premium
You're positivity is infectious, Jose, and it will take you far, my friend!
starfalex123 Premium
Jose,Amazing post. Thanks for these valuable information. Have a awesome day.
TheAdvisor Premium
Thank you for your motivating comment, Fitzgerald! It is an honor to share what I learn with you guys.

Wishing you a great end to March!

Zheer19 Premium
Hello Jose that a great advice you give to all the community and talk about your experience really help me a lot i am been here just for 16 days and 5 out of my 7 article have been indexed that pretty good starting to me and i am willing to get more thanks for this post :D
TheAdvisor Premium
Hi Zheer- Thank you for your motivating comment!

I'm happy that this post has been of some help for you- and you are making healthy progress so you are sure to be bound to see results even faster at that rate:

Great hustle on your part!