Don't Lose Sight Of Your Vision (Dealing With Obstacles!)

Last Update: October 16, 2019

What's Going on WA Fam,

For those of you who have just signed up, or have just as of recently upgraded to the Premium Membership- Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

I congratulate you for having made that decision, as you will soon start to realize that whatever you may be paying here for the premium membersip- is the single most important investment that you could possibly be making for your ideal future thus far!

After being a Premium Member for a little over a year at Wealthy Affiliate- I felt compelled to write this blog post to kind of help me regain the momentum that I need to not only increase my rank within the WA Ambassadorship ranking system-

But to kind of ask for the community's help to further guide our fellow newbies to the right resources of information; Even if it means referencing other blog posts to help aide even myself get to these blogs that may get lost within all the posted blogs- Even when we add tags to these posts, and probably ended up forgeting them at some point!

Setbacks That I have Been Dealing With

If I can create a lesson from my personal experience, to serve as a motivating lesson that people can learn from: Is to never quit on your dreams!

Because once you give up on those aspirations, those ambitions, those personal life goals?

you are practically giving up on your heart's innermost desires!

So It's time to get down to the difficult part of me admitting my current setbacks- and I need your help in getting back on track.

Here comes the painful part!

A Bird's Eye View

I have 2 different websites that I'm currently working on: one in the affiliate marketing niche, and the other one is in the local marketing niche.

The affiliate marketing website I had created after having first deleted a website that I had created in a niche that I felt intimidated by older, experienced, authority websites that have been in the "men's cologne game" much longer when I first started: (I joined on Sept 27, 2018).

So this affiliate marketing website was created on June 7, 2018, shortly after I have upgraded to the premium membership:

And as you can see: the details are far from pretty!

With 17 posts published, and 196 approved comments, I am currently working my way back from the very beginning and editing, updating, and improving older posts.

Why is this so?

Well- to further help you understand my dilemma, we're going to need to back up a little bit more so that I can help you understand what happened and what has attributed to me getting my overall drive, performance, and motivation get completely depleted as a result of these limitations.

How Am I Progressing Within The Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform?

It's been over a year since I have joined and been a premium member at WA- Why have I not started to make consistent income yet?

Without justifying my lack of progress by making excuses: I am only noting the following reasons why this happens to be the case for me.

In My Personal Life

As you can see, I have not made as much progress as I should have- or you would have heard about some success I had by now.

Despite living on what I receive in disability benefits: all that time, energy, and freedom that I could be investing into WA and my business; I had to redirect that focus so that I could help someone who I consider family- take care of daily house and shopping duties which may also include helping take care of her sick elderly mother who suffers from Alzheimer's, and that right there: is a whole 'nother difficult battle that requires that you have patience among many qualities and virtues!

So that would mean that I could consider myself a personal assistant, right?

Another thing that may have been affecting my ability to make any progress inside WA, is my use of Medical Marijuana, or Cannabis. Although I try to convince myself that it helps boost my creativity (and it does sometimes!), I have noticed that I perform or function differently depending on the kind of strain I get- So working on regulating and finding a happy medium!

Never mind that I'm constantly fatigued because of a combination of dank that's to strong that made me realize I had to cut back on the consumption and the dosage- and the fact that because I suffer from scoliosis, which can cause pain and discomfort, ain't helping that situation because my sleeping pattern is crazy- talk about added stress!

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that I must get back to actual business!

Setbacks I Am Currently Having in Wealthy Affiliate

You have seen the screenshot above of what my much older affiliate marketing website's details is looking like right now: not pretty at all, right?

With only a number of posts on my website that is usually expected to be written in a little over a month, with a minimum of recommended blogs to post per week (that's 3)-

I know that I still have alot of work to do before I start to see a steady stream of commissions on this website!

So here's a couple of questions that many new members here tend to ask as they're building their business:

"How Many Blog Posts Do I Have To Publish/ How Long Before I Start To See Some Traffic?"

I personally have asked Kyle this question in a private message months ago: and his response was that you have to publish a minimum of 3 posts per week for about a steady period of 3 months before you finally start to see some traction on your website. By this time after having put in the necessary hard work-

You may start to have blog posts ranking on the first page of Google: Which is your main goal here as it is what it will help you to finally start seeing some traffic and maybe some commissions beginning to roll from your website!

Now, the reason why I feel like as if everything went haywire- throwing me completely off rhythm: It's because when I first began my training, I was taking the Online Certification Course to which I then shortly realized after deleting the mens cologne website, and decided to create a website that could be in a niche relevant for the promotion of wealthy affiliate-

That I only disoriented myself because I started to notice that after having chosen to Jump from the OCC to the Affiliate Bootcamp Training Course-

That although the training courses, both text and video lessons, had many similarities, I started to realize why they differed.

Since I had joined and been a member here, there have been consistent updates and additions- both to previous recorded trainings and WA overall- further adding to its incredible value as a service.

So as I was analyzing my current situation and how much I have progressed so far- I noticed that even past lessons that I have completed,seemed to have tasks that I never completed further adding to the confusion!

Where am I at in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course:

Level 1: 25/27 Tasks Complete- 93% Complete

Level 2: 35/35 Tasks Complete- 100%

Level 3: 14/28 Tasks Complete- 46% Complete

Where am I at in the Affiliate Bootcamp:

Phase 1: 29/30 Tasks Complete- 97% Complete

Phase 2: 14/30 Tasks Complete- 46% Complete

Forgive me if I'm not too specific about which lessons I left off in these training courses, as I am respecting the fact that certain content and lessons is only accessible to Premium Members.

I am writing this blog post to let others know and inspire and maybe help others to find the motivation to keep working on achieving their goals and dreams- but most importantly, that no matter how far behind you may feel,or like as if you're not doing much compared to others here- just know that you are not alone, and there is always someone who may have it worse than me; The idea is to never quit!

The Comeback- Redemption For The Win!

With everything I have shared so far, how can I go about regaining that momentum, that motivation- without having to remind myself that I have not been doing as much as I would have done had my situation been different?

To bring you back to speed on everything that I had said in this blog post, for I am in need of your help to help me get back on track-

I have an affiliate marketing niche website that I created on June 7, 20018, that has only 17 published blog posts, and since I kind of made that sudden change in courses in the middle of my training, I kind of checked off tasks that were similar to the ones I completed and then would go from there.

Up to the last resent lesson that I had completed, I had learned about the importance of using PrettyLinks, that not every blog post should have an affiliate link becaue Google, or other search engines don't like it; I am currently working my way back and updating older posts as I go about completing them, making them look nicer- and without so many affiliate links or affiliate links in almost all of them.

Once I complete updating all the older posts- I could them simultaniously start putting them onto spreadsheets using Google Docs so that it could be easier for me to log, record, and even be able to have a place for reference to be able to identify and evaluate certain data which may help me further understand cetain things about my website even for when I start to learn to use the webmaster tools even better!

So my question is, can I create a blog page on my new local marketing website that I'm currently working on- to write about affiliate marketing as well?

Other questions that I have:

Should I keep my affiliate website and work on it as I work on building my local marketing website, to create 2 streams of income with affiliate marketing being the most rewarding niche as time goes while I continue to work on the local marketing website-

Or should I just get rid of the affiliate website and start from scratch?

what are your thoughts?

I would like to extend a thank you for all who took the time to read this post-

I hope that your business prospers so that you can accomplish way more things in this life that you'd never imagine you would!

With Much Love and Gratitude,


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Linda103 Premium
Perhaps you need to go back and redo the training for both. Certainly you need to finish both. If nothing else it will give a motivating sense of achievement.
Keep the website you have otherwise the work so far is wasted. Why not build that up first and then do the local marketing one? Or if you are keen to start the local marketing one, take the time to do an odd post here and there to keep it ticking over.
Plus you can use posts on the affiliate one for links on your new site.
Being able to focus on something you enjoy and are enthusiastic about can take your mind off health issues. I always preferred to force myself to do something rather than sit and think about pain and nausea, which only made it worse.
You can do this if you really want to but only YOU can decide if you have the determination and dedication to carry it through and work on it every day.
Good luck Jose.
CMKetay Premium
Ohmagosh! That's quite an adventure. I can appreciate the challenges you face. My father-in-law also has Alzheimer's and his primary caregiver, my mother-in-law has recently experience health issues, so tag, we're it. Every day is a different challenge. But we are both here and we'll figure it out! Hang in there!!

TheAdvisor Premium
Ain't that the truth? Thank you so much for your support Christine, I hope your business is thriving and well!