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Last Update: April 02, 2020

What's going everyone? I hope that you find yourself safe and in the best of health as you strive to continue to grow and expand your business in this time of need and urgency to come together and wortk towards creating solutions that will improve the quality of human kind and the world, I would like to finish this paragraph with a friendly reminder to all WA Members to Always Check Their SEO!

Discovering The Obvious Mistake

So there was something that I am sharing that could help any new, and current WA member that has been around for a few months- As it is something that has been brought to my attention while logging into my back office and then taking a quick look at all the posts pages that were already published, and could be seen with just a quick glimpse before choosing to edit any of the two:

To further stress the importance about why you should always check your seo-

I want to share some quick true facts about me so you could understand how important it is that you do this: First- I have been a WA Pemium Member since May 27,20018-

(nearing my 2nd year here!)

And all this time I only made some kind of progress which is really not at all impressive whatsoever as I only had published 21 posts: 2 of them I put to the trash as they were just random keywords that I chose to write my content in that had nothing to do with my niche to begin with-

Lest had I chosen to incorporate them into my marketing strategy in order so that I can do so.

2 of the remainder of those posts were unpublised and saved as a draft as I was correcting my mistake so that I could work on making those blog posts even better-

Leaving me with just 17 posts to my credit at the moment.

Like I said- not impressive at all as one could publish that many within less than 2 months!

Correcting My SEO Mistake

So back to the topic in question- which is the importance to make sure to always check your seo: So we went through how long I have been a WA Premium Member, and how much I progress I have made during the whole time since I have been a Premium member-

Guess what was it that I never thought to check to see if it was good because I assume that it was because "I did it"? That's right! My SEO.

I had to learn and realze this the hard way about 2 days ago.

I don't always wake up feeling ready or enthusiastic enough to do so. I also don't always have access t a laptop- but when I do: I tend to be more focused and able to complete tasks with more ease: meaning that I also tend to notice things, or see them with whole new better eyes-

Which is why I was able to notice this big SEO mistake I made by assuming that it was already preset. I'll explain what I mean:

You know that part where you go towards the bottom of your WP Editor of your blog/page to fill in your SEO details for that particular post/page after having posted it from the Content Platform?

It was that part where I went wrong that I either assumed that it had automatically filled itself in (the Seo Title part), or because of one reson or other, I simply forgot to fill in most, if not- all the SEO details of practically all of my pages posts!

Tips To Check To Make Sure Your SEO Is Good

Say that you are about to finish, or just have recently finished one, and published it-

What do you do?

Here are some practical tips that I have learned in one of the webinars provided by Jay 'Magistudios' Neill that can help you so that you won't end up finding out that you made yourelf look like fool- and then share your experience so that others can avoid making the same mistake that I made:

  • Fill in SEO details manually yourself!
  • Make sure that your keyword appears in the first paragraph, in the middle, and end of post
  • If you are doing Social Meta Settings- Follow the same process as when you would be doing search engine seo.

You can check to see if all your seo on all your pages and posts are good by simply visiting the posts/ pages section of your WP Site's back office and looking at thefollowing 3 columns that appear on the far right of all your posts and pages that are instantly viewable via the list that you see when you click "All Posts" or "All Pages".

Moving Forward

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen!

I apologize if I haven't provided an image to explain what I'm talking about but I'm sure that you will come to understand what I'm talking about when you get there if you are new-

which won't be too far that you will eventually learn all about keyword research and SEO techniques. Anotherreason why I refrain from doing so is for "blog security purposes" which won't probably matter anyway since I shared my link yesterdayon my profile.

(some things don't look the same in the platform when you are working from your cellphone!)

I hope that you can learn from my experience and that this would prompt you to be more mindful of anything that you may be doing while growing your online business.

Always try to finish what you are currently doing if you can unless you are constantly distracted due to everyday occurences, and situations. If possible- try to remember to come back and finish what needs to be finished or you'll pass an entire year (hopefully less) in which you will wonder why Google never found and indexed your previous posts yet!

Wishing you all a smooth, and superb progress in growing a succesful online business!

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JosonInc Premium
Interesting post! Now I have a question. When you say SEO for the post that you created, I get the feeling that you are referring to your blog posts' SEO and not your website posts SEO.

Which one are we referring to?

Thank you.

JohaneG Premium
Thank you for sharing with us.
resty1984 Premium
Thank you for the information
Linda103 Premium
I use the free Rank Math plugin Jose and it has boxes for that. There is also a check list to ensure your SEO is in the right places. It also tells you what your score is. It rises from red to green as the numbers go up.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very nice, thanks for the heads-up, Jose!

Be safe!