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What's up Wealthy Affiliate Family- How are you finding yourselves as it is 8:20AM in the morning Pacific Time in California so good rising to each and everyone of you!So I came up with sudden unexpected lead in a form of a text back in June 11, it was the kind related to Local SEO- Digital Marketing Firm Niche.This is a retyped excerpt of the text I received at 7:23 on Thursday, June 11, 2020:Hello Jose, I was reffered by your friend Mario... he mentioned to me you design websites? I'm launchi
Hey- What's up WA family? Guess what....I'm back and I'm ready to blog and talk to you guys and maybe even offer a couple of pieces of bad advice along the way as I write this blog to commemorate this milestone of it having been 2 Years since I have joined and been a Premium Member here at Wealthy Affiliate!Technically- I signed up back in in May 27, 2018:But I haven't had been able to work here for a good while because I was going through some problems that I'm still currently working towards
April 02, 2020
What's going everyone? I hope that you find yourself safe and in the best of health as you strive to continue to grow and expand your business in this time of need and urgency to come together and wortk towards creating solutions that will improve the quality of human kind and the world, I would like to finish this paragraph with a friendly reminder to all WA Members to Always Check Their SEO! Discovering The Obvious MistakeSo there was something that I am sharing that could help any new, and c
What's going on WA Family?How beautiful has your weekend been while working on accomplishing your goals? I believe that each one of us eventually come to our senses after we get knocked down so many times that we have no choice but to keep pushing through and fight back on whatever obstacles that we come to face.We end up doing this when we start coming to grips and terms on to what it is that we want as well as what we don't. Once we know what that that we want to do or have happen for us, we
Hello WA Fam!You may probably be able to undeniably tell that right now:I am truly excited about my future because I am here writing what would be my 8th post:(8= Eternity-Forever!)And as far as I could be concerned like any one my peers and WA colleagues here:I'm sitting on top of a gold mine baby!So I wanted to take this opportunity now that I'm feeling like I'm in tune with the flow of infinite inspiration and creativity while taking notice of all the little things that I have been doing at
What's Going on WA Fam,For those of you who have just signed up, or have just as of recently upgraded to the Premium Membership- Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! I congratulate you for having made that decision, as you will soon start to realize that whatever you may be paying here for the premium membersip- is the single most important investment that you could possibly be making for your ideal future thus far!After being a Premium Member for a little over a year at Wealthy Affiliate- I felt com
What's up WA family?At first I was surprised that no one hasn't written about this yet- But after I was able to finally get back to checking things out, I found out shortly that someone already had beat me to it! (Congratulations By The Way! ☺️)I'm just gonna jump right down to it and try my best to give you a decent post because I'm also excited about what I had just discovered after having refreshed my page- And because you're worthy of actual helpful content! When I got done fro
I couldn't be any happier to write a blog post at Wealthy Affiliate right now!and I'm not even kidding you guys! Well, here's the reason why I'm excited about writing this one: Because although I personally don't consider this post to be a success post per se- I just want to express that I'm grateful that I was able to log in to this life transforming platform! (wouldn't it be funny if this was all I posted?)Truth is, I was fearing that I was going to lose everything that I had worked as hard
Hello WA Family,How are you guys doing? I hope you find yourselves much more calmer and at peace knowing what there is to be expected in our future!Forgive me for not wanting to add a cover image for this blog post, as I am-like always, working in my business and most- if not, everything that I do that is related to Wealthy Affiliate, I do it from my smartphone. I cant drag to adjust a picture as I would have liked, so I'm going to settle with just going forward and share a story, an experience
Boom, Pow! What's Up Fam!Boy, am I sure thankful to be writing this blog all while fighting a mean cough and a hoarse voice, and sleep! Because this is me reminding myself right now, That I'm going to have to do put in some serious work if I really want to be doing what most will only be talking about doing and dreaming of throughout the rest of their lives...So where do I start?Enter The Dragon!It's been a rough journey so far that I've been going through! Having been confronted by imminent p