TheAbie Today's Experience - Together But Not In Love

Last Update: July 02, 2022

Howdy, All Y'all, [uniquely special], Wealthy Affiliate members and the Wealthy Affiliate community; - "TheAbie Today's Experience - Together But Not In Love!"

There's a saying that says, "The winds continuously blow against the sails," TheAbie's today's experience is that so many people are together but not in love, yet many more are the opposite.

That's not us but a dear client | friend of ours.

TheAbie's message is simple, don't be one of those folks; guys living together but not in love - And if that, it is a bitter truth.

The key here is compromising for the other at times. It is choosing someone you love over anything else. And thus, a slight adjustment is required on their part.

The other case, the folks are in love but not together due to circumstances; that can be painful.

Therefore we must be aware of others and know our priorities. Do our best to stay in that relationship and be happy and glowing when we are in love.

Life is a roller coaster and an expected one. We have to make the sacrifice if our bond is tied with love, yet not give up even if hurdles seem to come our way.

Make the shift. We can do this!

Thoughts are welcome.

Please help yourself to more strawberries 🍓🍓🍓 - On the House! :) Now served with fresh cream 🍦 | vegan ice cream 🍨 - They are Organic (Delivered FRESH every morning from a nearby orchard.)

I hope ALL Y'all have a great, super productive day!

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deelilah Premium Plus
I kept this a long time, not even sure where you were coming from. After reading through the thread, I thought of a sort of answer. They say the 3rd time is the charm, hence me and number 3 made it through the 40th year. We agree on 3 things, religion, politics, and food. What more is there?

For 8 years we lived together in the double bunk condo of a semi-truck, approximately 40 square feet, happily, I might add. If we can do that together, we can do anything.
DennisM4 Premium
Hello Madam Abie, this is a great thought but unfortune with my ordeal, In 1986, I found the love of my life, although we met in a rather awkward location, and our lives was based on different things or beliefs in 2007,to make a long story short one of us cheated on the other so to make it worse I did too, I left for a yr, but came back because I truly missed her and we've been together since 2008, but I know she still doesn't quite trust me.
To some you're thinking why are you still together? Because no matter how far the shirt gets pulled over my eyes, I still love her. we've had 3 beautiful kids that are now all grown up. My oldest is 40 and she's doing great with a business of her own, my one son works for a company that drills for oil and the other work for the Carolina pipeline, I have 6 grand kids and 4 great grand kids and if I had to do it all over, I wouldn't have given her the chance to cheat. you have a great day

PS i graduated in June of 1986 yes, I was 19 she was 22 and pregnant by me.2 years earlier, opps lol
JHawumba Premium
Abie, this topic is tricky and love in a marriage relation is controlled by many factors including, but not limited, to communication, culture, religion, compatibility, etc. One aspect can be condemned in one culture, yet condoned in the other. So, staying together but with no love in between may be a result of the violation of any of the factors that are deemed universal by the society and the couple themselves. That's why I say that it is "tricky".
bjdluna Premium Plus
Unfortunately, I have experienced the negative side of relationships. I was dumped by my ex-husband after 32 years of marriage. So I have already had the downest of the downs. I'm ready for the "ups" part of the ups and downs.

It sounds like you have a great relationship!

Happy July 4th weekend!

Chas0817 Premium Plus
Hi Abie,

So sorry to hear about your friends. My hubby and I have been married for going on 24 years next month. I often hear from people how amazing that is.

I guess that is a considerable amount of time. Like Edwin, my husband realized long ago I'm the boss LOL.

Marriage is a lot of work. My husband and I divide things and try to spend time together. He's retired and I currently work 90+ hours per week! With my new job soon we'll be able to spend more together so that will be good.

Thank you,