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Last Update: Aug 11, 2022

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Howdy, All Y'all, [uniquely special], Wealthy Affiliate members and the Wealthy Affiliate community; - "TheAbie - How To Get More Out Of Your Day!"

I like to spend my day wisely doing activities that pay me or bring benefit to me in the process. That would be a day well worth it.

Things like exercise as my productivity depends more on my energy than time management. I tend to do micro-exercising bits frequently.

I must choose the few things that can make the most difference in priorities.

I allocate uninterrupted blocks of time for serious work.

I turn off notifications, period.

I use a timer, six tasks in an hour.

I use a white noise app; I listen to the sounds of sea or rain.

If I ever feel overwhelmed, I go do a simple task to ease up.

I write down things raw as and when.

I may occasionally use a checklist.

Thoughts are welcome.

"Productivity is what I do. CTA is my middle name." - My Motto!

Please help yourself to more strawberries 🍓🍓🍓 - On the House! :) Now served with fresh cream 🍦 | vegan ice cream 🍨 - They are Organic (Delivered FRESH every morning from a nearby orchard.)

I hope ALL Y'all have a great, super productive day!

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I agree to what you say, however there are times in your life when it is great to just stop. Stop thinking about how productive or how to become a better person or how to plan…And do what, I hear you say.
Just be..
For me anyway, there are times I need to remove myself from everything and just exist..much like I have done this past week.
There are times we should just be. Nothing more, nothing less.
Nice post..
Last week I just totally let go of everything, and focused on me. It was rather Now I hav. Bazillion emails to wade through..

Hi Abie,

The Pareto Principle is always a good bet. 20% of our effort contributes to 80% of our success. The secret is to find out what that 20% is for each of us.

You know what that is for you. And we all need to work on finding out what that is for us.



Yes, Abie, thanks for sharing your ideas and tips on how your days work out.
For me, I got more out of my days by doing a little bit exercise in the morning, I kept on keeping my garden looks good and tidy.
Monitoring my koi and gold fish as well as my Tilapia in my pond at my backyard. stress burned out on them.


Not everyone plans like you do, but you have something that works for you.

We must find our way and your suggestions point us in the right direction. That's appreciated, Abie.

I'm more spontaneous, but I have goals clearly in mind and interruptions are only that - interruptions.

Then it's back to the task.

One has to be dedicated to the desired end to get there. Otherwise we end up where we don't want to be.

Keep focus.

Thank you for the post. I also do most of those things and find them to be beneficial, in staying on track. I must begin my day with prayer, water sounds always a must for me, creating a sense to peace. The night before I ALWAYS make my list of tasks I want and will accomplish for the day. Always begin the day early.
What tasks I do not finish I place at the top of my list for the next day.

Good stuff. Have an awesome day.


Thank you, appreciate your feedback! You have a great day.

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