Hello WA Family,

Is it correct that I have to create a page for every article that I place on my blogroll? That seems strange to me if you post 300 articles in the future.

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AparnaBansal Premium
On your website, it is not essential to just have a menu item called Blogroll or Blogs, to display all your blogs. It may be better to categorize all your content into suitable categories and put those categories on the Menu.

That brings me to your question. Create pages for those items which you don't need people to comment on.
Create all your content/articles as Posts. Place those posts into the categories u have made and u will have a good navigation system.

Hope this clarifies a bit.
Peterke Premium
Thank you very much!
ShaunFern Premium
Pages are mostly: contact us, privacy policy, about us.

You should create "posts" for regular articles/blog posts you want to have on your site.
ChrystopherJ Premium
Every "Post" that you create will appear on your Blog Roll. "Pages" do not appear on your Blog Roll. Hope that helps
MareliseB Premium
Thank you Chrystopher, that is helping me too.
Peterke Premium
Thank you very much !