I seem unable pin down platform's worthiness. Why should I go premium beside the $19 offer discount.

What this platform offers what I cannot see. For example, I wanted see Jay's webinar but couldn't the platform would not let me.

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ParthaB Premium
Hi Aaron,

Just to reiterate what the others have said and add a few more things too:

- You currently have access to 20 free lessons (10 on each of the 2 training courses). If you found these helpful, once you upgrade you will access to a further 100 lessons.

- You have just asked a question and have had many members answer you in an instant. As a free member you will lose the ability to ask questions after tomorrow (7 days).

- You have mentioned Jay's webinars. You will have access to last 10+ years of webinars that Jay has produced. At an average of one new webinar every week, I'll let you do the maths. (This right here is more information that you will typically get from any other affiliate marketing course).

- You've already seen how helpful the members are. Well after 3 months you are able to produce your own training modules. There are member of here who have produced in excess of 200-300 training modules. So, you probably have access to another 10,000+ training modules.

- You can liaise and interact with people from all over the world, who are at different stages in their online journey. We definitely have many millionaires here, some who write blogs and training modules on a weekly basis. You have people who are earning 3,4,5,6 figures a month and you can talk to them as and when you please. There are also people who have just started their online journey, and people who have been here for a few months and have started to see some success. You can learn something from every single one of these people.

- You don't have to pay for hosting and WA boasts one of the most efficient and effective hosting platforms you'll find anywhere. You can host 20 websites in total (10 paid domains and 10 free).

I could go on, as there are many other benefits and advantages, but I'm sure just the ones I've mentioned far outweigh any negative thoughts you are having.

Please be aware that $19 is only the first month, and it is $49 per month thereafter.

However, with Black Friday fast approaching there is typically a great annual deal to be had.

I managed to secure annual membership at the last Black Friday/Lockdown offer for under $260.

I will say that if you aren't willing to look beyond the first month of $19 then this may not be the place for you.

There are no quick-fixes, no easy money, no push-button systems.

If you're willing to work hard, be patient, and build a sustainable business for years to come, then you're in the right place.

You will know that you're in the right place if you managed to read my reply this far - if you didn't... hmmm. LOL

JeffreyBrown Premium
Well, because besides excellent webhosting along with 24/7/365 Site support. Valuable live and also availably replay weekly webinars, a phenomenal catalogue of training modules--both form WA and many learned and highly successful users (From members that you hardly ever see in the community, since there are estimated to be a little over 2, 000, 000, of which a significant portion are still active in their business pursuits), A top-notch keyword research tool, A 24/7 live chat connecting you to members throughout the entire world, various amenities here too numerous to mention, along with a very good support network in the Wealthy Affiliate community, where a great many things can be learned daily (sure there are a few clowns on here too--me included--but life is too short to simply bury yourself in work all of the time, which I tend to do anyway since I have successful physical businesses which I own), and many other benefits which are too numerous to mention.

You might as well look at WA as a University because of everything that it encompasses to help you on your way to success. The only thing it does not provide is the HARD work required from its members to succeed. All of this annually for far less than the cost of ONE half semester 3-credit hour class at a traditional university! I should know having completed 5 degree levels in business.

Moreover, you allowed to go through the training and work at your own pace--the more you do the better chances of success, but if things come up, you will not fall behind because YOU are in control of the pace of your learning and building. Whether you believe this or not, this is truly a NO-Brainer, as many others who have left because of hurt feelings or one bad experience, have often figured out and have ultimately returned. All of this available for the daily price of a cup of coffee. WOW, what's NOT to like? Take the system tour to see by clicking on your left hand profile picture and scrolling to WA System tour!

In addition go up to the grey search bar at the very top and type in WA success stories and you can view posts about some of the highly successful members here!

Premium unlocks all of this for you! The Starter level is just a taste! Ultimately, it is your decision,. There are many other platforms out there, but there ins NOT one which gives you all of this for such a low price--PERIOD!

I wish you wll no matter what!

Jaz333 Premium
Hi ... Going premium opens up the entire platform to you and unlocks unlimited Jaaxy searches. This link from Kyle will detail the major differences between the starter and premium memberships: Good luck with whatever direction you decide to take!
Best, Shannon
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
If you are serious about affiliate marketing then a premium membership here is the best money you will ever spend. Some of the reasons have already been listed by others but they are by no means exhaustive.
Give it at least a three month trial, do the training, and see what you think.

WRawson Premium
I went for premuim because the cost of registering a domain with email and then subscribing to Jaxxy independently way outweighed the $19 price tag. Unless I did the maths incorrectly.

The training and facilities are nice, but the delivered value in terms of software subscriptions was worth it to me.