I am looking to connect my gmail with my domain email. Following the video instructions by clicking the SMTP button, I see there are settings for incoming and setting for outgoing . Question is why is the Incoming and Outgoing hosts different. Incoming has the domain feedyourincome.com, but outgoing has @siterubix.com. Why is that?

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bazboy247 Premium
Ingoing and outgoing emails are using different protocols


Simple mail transfer protocol and post office protocol

They have different protocols so as to differentiate between ingoing and outgoing emails
ericcantu Premium Plus
When you completed the whole process did the forwarding work? My outgoing host shows siterubix. It's never affected anything, that's just how it's set up.
Magus Premium
That's weird, alright. I don't know the answer, but if you contact Site Tech, they will explain it to you. It's under Help. If you learn something, please comment it back here because I would like to know that one.