Why is the link to my banner so small?
On my WA Review, I have 2 separate links to the "WealthyAffiliate.com Membership Options" banner. When I click on these links, they bring up the banner, but it is to small to read. I have to magnify it to be able to read it.
When I have click on other members links to this banner they come up full size and readable.
What did I do wrong?
How can I fix this?

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MarionBlack Premium
You have a text link to the banner so the banner is shown at a size which fits in the window. If you display the banner itself in your post then it will be bigger and people will be able to scroll down to see all of it.
Robert-A Premium
if you mean the little one at the bottom its only - 495 by 95.
You would have to change those sizes but it would probably end up blurred.
Why not chose another banner
gaedae Premium
I'm talking about the "membership options" banner. The one with the two columns that compares free membership to premium membership.
Robert-A Premium
Ok I thought you meant that little one.
Marion has given you the answer you seek.