I have till date earned $ 30 worth of credits in SITEcomments.
I want to know why it's showing only 13 credits against my name which i can cash out.
It shows that i had cashed out $10 earlier, but no money has been credited to my PayPal Account.
Please HELP !

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tracydawn Premium
You must have 20 cash credits and 40 affiliate credits in order to cash one or the other out. If you are talking referral credits that depends on what you set your threshold at, the minimum is $10. Site Comments require you to get those comments within 30 days with an 80% approval rate. If you have accomplished this and still have discrepancies try reaching out to Kyle. I hope this helps.
AparnaBansal Premium
Thanks Tracy. I have got it all right, and therefore have sent a message to Kyle now ...
ChrystopherJ Premium
You will need to send this one to Kyle, as any cashed out credits were paid yesterday. Only Kyle or Carson can help you with this one.
AparnaBansal Premium
Yes thank u Chrystopher. I have messaged Kyle.