On the activity dashboard, I often try to help by answering some questions or blogs that other people have written. Whilst the top few items contained on the 'unanswered' link have not been answered, there are many items on there which were posted weeks and even months ago and have been answered by many people over this time yet they remain on the 'unanswered' link. Does anyone else have this or is it just a glitch on my lists?
It's not a major problem, but I'm just interested to know if it's just a database filter error.

Thank you.

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Armlemt Premium
Thanks for asking Gail!T
MoritzS Premium
It's because one post on that question has not been answered.
When you answer or comment on a question and use a question mark, you have the option to mark your post as an unanswered question.

Just try it yourself.
Use a ? and you have to choose whether you need community help or not.
GailLowe Premium
OK thanks. I've seen that and I always answer 'no' when that question comes up as sometimes it's used in a rhetorical sense. Thanks for the insight.
MoritzS Premium
You're welcome.
It's a nice feature to make those questions visible, too.
paulgoodwin Premium
Nice one buddy