How long did it take you to make that First Commission?

Do you think that many sadly leave WA Because for 6mths long they didnt make a single commission?

Is there a way to Help these people?

To Prove it to Them that they can really Make Good Money Online?

And Then...Its Good For WA

And Its Good for Them

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
You have awesome responses below.

For us, been a while now to remember as we signed up in May 2016.

There's many elements to the equation. It depends on the individual learning curve, productivity, mindset and how hungry are they. And how fast can they improvise and bounce back.

It is also important to do something they are passionate about, because when the road gets tough and it will get tough they don't lose focus.

The training here is second to none. End of the day it is about efforts, actions and accountability.
RobbysGirl Premium
There's no fixed timeline to success in my humble opinion. We all have to put in the time to set a winning foundation and follow through on the processes required to succeed.

What that means to me may be different to what it means to you.

Some people give up because of lack of commitment and possibly the false hopes of "overnight" success.

I think WA provides everything necessary to succeed. We need to do our part as well. If one person can do it, nothing stops the rest of us from succeeding as well.

That's how I see it. How it provides a useful perspective.
JeannineC Premium
Many people are not good writers, but they want to rush to produce content instead of taking the time to make it good. It reads like a poorly written book report and is competing against tons of good content out there, so it fails to convert.

Other people are writing about stuff they don't know or understand. So many of the people who choose to promote WA have never had a successful blog. The readers know that. That's why I always recommend that someone picks a different topic first, make that blog successful, then write about WA because then it's not just a book report.
HildeRegine Premium Plus
I had a referral 9 days after I started. Then nothing for months. It is important to understand that you actually build wealth longterm with the WA blueprint. Any business takes time to grow. The only way to help them is to encourage them to not give up. Add content. There are a lot of WA success stories you can find here at WA that you can share.
ChrisJayyy Premium
Ahh...Business idea...?
Offer a course to Teach others How to be more productive how to think effectively and lead more successful lives. God feel sorry for those 98% of people who dont make any money online. It would be nice to help them.
This goes back to my previous Post...The importance of Group Energy and Teams....We Need One Day
A Way to Identify Our Talented People who can Help a lot of People .
Get them to live with that Energy Of That Person hang out on a retreat together and soak up their Dynamism.
.."Don't Go It Alone...Living under the same roof with That Someone who is a Genius can Forever Change You."