When I try to log into my website, I get a window that pops us with "admin" in the username and asking for a password. When I paste in the password that shows in WA, it says that it is the wrong password. Any ideas?

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1signbanner Premium
It can be a number of things but my first thought would be could it be you didn't clear your browser, if so that could be it.

Hope I helped.
JTTStore Premium
Yes I have exactly the same thing & it has only started about a week ago.
I can get round it by going > website> " view details" then "log in" from there.
Hope it helps,
Cheers, Duncan.
marmar463 Premium
I don't know for sure but you can always try changing your password and see if that is the problem or if that doesn't work the call upon Site Support they will be able to help you out with this issue. I hope this helps you out

Shannonkamal Premium
I do know when I am signing into email I am not allowed to copy and paste

Try typing it in copied from s pen and pad
Mary-Elle Premium Plus
If you are logging in from within the WA system under WEBSITES, you shouldn't have to paste the password in. You should just have to click the blug LOGIN NOW button.