Hello dear community

I need comments for my posts, that is why I commented on other's posts. But I didn't get any credits for this. Why and what is a "skip rate"?

My skip rate is 42% on comments that are all 100% approved.

I still dont have any credits after posting 5 comments for others.

Please help me with this question.

Kind Regards,


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Only1Hugh Premium
Also when you comment through Site Comments the person receiving comments can do 3 things. Approve, Disapprove or Not respond to your comments. For the first two, some members respond to your comments soon or over a couple days. It all depends.
Only1Hugh Premium
Skip rate is described in this post
JoeRebisz Premium
A lot depends on the economy of the platform at the time. If nobody is paying for comments requested, then there's no money to pay the person giving the comments.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

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