Who was the first full-time employee hired by WA and when?

I tried searching but did not find anything. Any assistance including just a link would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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feigner Premium
looking at the rankings - it appears Jay is up there with Kyle and Carson - he has also talked about the early days - so my bet is on him
is there a company house register in canada with history - to see the growth of numbers of employees?
Good luck in your hunt
PMindra Premium
Hey Phil,
I'm thinking more along the lines of someone on the technical growth side to help Carson with the work load.

This is slightly before the time of the of siterubix, wordpress and 'Plesk' hosting.

Jay would probably come a bit later.
Thanks for the input.

Kindest regards,

RAFStuart Premium
Not a clue.
PMindra Premium
Hey, Mate.
No issues.

As you might know, Wealthy affiliate started off as a Keyword List membership website back in 2005 that offered keyword lists to Internet Marketers in many different niches and nothing more.

That was it.

Their membership base began to grow and Kyle and Carson
realized that they had to create some kind of communication medium for the growth. So, they added a forum to their website for the members and at this time hired their first full time employee.

From what I could find, that was in 2006.

They have a very interesting history. Names really aren't that important when I think about it now...only the events.

They have come a very long way and now lead the industry in all areas.

Thank you for stopping by.

Best regards,

MKearns Premium
You'll probably be asked why you want to know Paul but it would be interesting to find out!
PMindra Premium
Well, Mike, I figured as much so I'll offer the answer of why right away.

I'm writing about the evolution of Wealthy Affiliate.

I don't need a bio of the person or anything like that.
Just maybe something like we have now:

KC - Programming Chief

Aaron - Technology Chief

Jay - Training Chief

I just want the information to be accurate.

Thank you for response, Michael.
It is held in high reserve.

MKearns Premium
Thank you, Paul, We've weathered a lot in 3 years here!
PMindra Premium
Cheers, Mike.
I'm still loving it.
Over and out for now.